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SG Driver Causes Accident on Causeway on Motorbike Lane

The causeway between Singapore and Johor sees some pretty terrible accidents. We just got wind of another one from over the weekend.

On Sunday the 21st April 2019, a Singaporean-registered car driving on the motorcycle lane of the JB-Woodlands causeway met with a serious accident. A collision occurred with a young motorcyclist. His condition is unknown.

This youtube channel “Bad Drivers of Perlis Malaysia” had a clip of it:


The uploader described the video as such:

“2 days ago, this accident took place along the Singapore-Malaysia causeway. A Singapore registered Honda was driven on the motorcycle lane, where it collided Singapore Honda Fit (SGW 9067 U) was driving on motorcycle lane at Johor checkpoint toward Woodlands Singapore. Fit driver trying to reverse their car & suddenly Suzuki motorcycle was speeding and bang to the Honda Fit.”

I would argue that it looks as if the accident occurred on the lane heading towards the Johor Bahru checkpoint, as it has an upward incline and features City Square JB towards the left of the frame.

I’m obviously no expert on the matter. But I do use that causeway occasionally and it is inherently dangerous. Right after the Singapore customs, the causeway opens up into a 2-3 lane flat roadway, encouraging drivers to pick up speed. No speed traps are found here by enforcement agencies of either country. Surely an AES camera here would be ideal.

I’ve seen traffic police being set up here to catch and fine errant drivers, but this is not consistent and ALSO dangerous. When done at night, these police officers are practically standing in the middle of a busy a multi-lane roadway.

The causeway then opens up into more lanes, while also twisting upwards and towards the left. To those unfamiliar, this part can be quite confusing. Each of these lanes is meant to channel different types of vehicles. Often times drivers don’t pay attention to signage until the last minute.

What’s more, because the causeway ends in an uphill curve, traffic build-up from the CIQ cannot be seen by drivers until they get around the bend.

Many drivers are exhausted from sitting through hours of traffic at the customs and automatically ‘switch off’ once they get through. Careless driving ensues. Although it’s not the case here, I’ve driven there at night when the street lights were off and it was quite dangerous.

We’re sure the authorities can work to make this a safer commute for the 30,000 people who cross over every day.

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