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Mini Clubman Gets A Nip & Tuck in Shanghai

With a sophisticated design, an extensiveselection of equipment and the latest in operating and connectivity technology,the new MINI Clubman facelift was introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show thisweek as an elegant individualist in the premium compact segment.

The newest design feature of the new MINIClubman facelift is the new radiator grille, which now extends along the entirebar. With highly contoured contours and a new air intake structure, it offers adistinctive aspect of the front. The grid is bordered by a thin, single-pieceframe. The air intake is divided into six horizontal, black sides, which canoptionally be upgraded to a chrome version.

The specific features for the front sectionof the MINI Cooper S Clubman and MINI Cooper SD Clubman models are thehexagonal pattern of the grille instead of the horizontal bars and the chromedindividual chrome bar in the air intake as well as the chrome “S” redemblem in the center.

By combining the MINI-specific drivingpleasure with the right versatility for both daily driving and long journeys,the five-seat model comes with a touch of charisma with new exterior andinterior accents.

The latest updates from the MINI Connecteddigital service range underscore the progressive and lifestyle-orientedcharacter of the new MINI Clubman facelift. At the same time, attractiveplug-ins of the original MINI range of accessories and accessories offer newcustomization capabilities.

Slight changes but enough to entice new buyers

Expressiveand powerful: new distinctive front design

The body design of the new MINI Clubman isstylish, individual and exclusive. Its distinctive proportions result from abody corpus modelled in tight, sporty style as is typical of MINI, adynamically elongated roof line and a steep rear. In addition, the split doorsconsisting of two laterally opening wings make it the only model in the compactsegment to offer six doors, along with outstanding versatility due to the factthat the luggage compartment can be extended from 360 litres to as much as 1250 litres according to needs.

The individual body concept is combinedwith hallmark brand design elements. At the front of the vehicle these mainlyinclude the powerfully domed bonnet, the circular headlamps – of which thesurrounds are in chrome as standard and optionally in Piano Black – and thehexagonal contour of the radiator grille. The most striking design feature ofthe new MINI Clubman is the newly designed radiator grille, which now extendsacross the entire bumper. With powerfully modelled contours and a new structurefor the air inlet, it gives the front view a particularly distinctiveappearance. The radiator grille is bordered by a slim frame produced from asingle piece. The air inlet is separated into six black, horizontal struts,which can be optionally upgraded to a chrome version. Specific features in thefront section of the models MINI Cooper S Clubman and MINI Cooper SD Clubmanare the hexagonal grid pattern instead of the horizontal struts and the individualchrome strut in the air inlet as well as the latter’s chrome-plated emblem witha red “S” at the centre.

Variableillumination intensity, dazzle-free long beam

The characteristic look of the new MINI Clubmanfrom the front is also a result of the modified design of the circularheadlamps. The standard halogen headlamps now have an enlarged reflector and astriking black shield on the inside. The daytime driving light is integrated inthe parking lights in the lower section of the front apron. The optional LEDheadlamps likewise feature a new design. The modified styling includes LEDmodules for low and high beam, which generate enhanced brightness, and a shieldthat is also finished in black. A white ring of light surrounding the headlampsserves both as daytime driving light and turn indicator.

The adaptive LED headlamps with Matrixfunction for the high beam are available as a new option. They offer a turninglight function which can be recognised by an inlay inside the headlamp andautomatically adapt their brightness to the situation on the road. In urbantraffic and when visibility is limited due to the weather conditions, the sidearea of the road is illuminated more intensely by adding the dimmed turninglight. When driving on motorways it is possible to selectively increase therange of the high beam.

What is more, the adaptive LED headlamps ofthe new MINI Clubman now feature an automatic selective dip function for thehigh beam. Their innovative Matrix technology for the high beam enables thevisibility range to be increased while at the same time avoiding any dazzleeffect for other road users. For this purpose, the high beam is subdivided intofour segments which can be activated and deactivated independently of eachother and adapted to the situation on the road at speeds of over 70 km/h. Assoon as the front camera of the new MINI Clubman registers an oncoming vehicleor a vehicle driving ahead, the space that vehicle occupies is only illuminatedat low beam brightness.

LED fog lamps are available as anadditional optional equipment item for the MINI Clubman. These take the placeof the standard parking lights and offer an additional daytime driving lightfunction implemented in the form of an LED light right.

It is a full sized family car

LEDrear lights as standard, optionally available in Union Jack design

The new MINI Clubman is now fitted asstandard with LED rear lights. The light units with chrome surround are nowespecially integrated in the wings of the split door. In conjunction with theoptional LED headlamps or the adaptive LED headlamps, the horizontally orientedrear lights feature a new design that underscores the brand’s British origins:the graphic structure of their light sources traces the abstracted pattern ofthe Union Jack. With its striking lines, the flag motif provides a distinctiveform of identification – both during the day and in terms of night design. Thebrake light is now also generated from this newly designed light unit.

Freshlook with new body finishes and Piano Black exterior

Three new colour variants are available tochoose from in terms of body finishes. The new MINI Clubman is now available inIndian Summer Red metallic, British Racing Green metallic or MINI YoursEnigmatic Black metallic. As an alternative to body colour, the roof andexterior mirror caps can also be finished in black, white or silver.

What is more, the list of optionalequipment items offers further ways of customising the exterior design. Withthe option Piano Black Exterior for the MINI Cooper S Clubman and the MINICooper SD Clubman, the surrounds of the headlights, rear lights and radiatorgrille are finished in high-gloss black instead of chrome.

Newlight alloy wheels, sports suspension with vehicle lowering

Depending on the model variant, the new MINIClubman is fitted as standards with light alloy wheels which are either 16-inchor 17-inch in size. As an option, light alloy wheels are available in the sizes18-inch and 19-inch. A new addition to the range are the 18-inch light alloywheels in the design variants Multiray Spoke 2-tone and MINI Yours BritishSpoke 2-tone, along with 19-inch light alloy wheels in John Cooper WorksCircuit Spoke 2-tone design.

Another entirely new offering in terms ofoptional equipment items is the sports suspension with a lowering of 10millimetres. This option not only additionally optimises the agile drivingresponse of the new MINI Clubman, it also lends even more intense emphasis tothe car’s sporty appeal.

There is also the option of adaptivesuspension. This offers the possibility of choosing between two characteristiccurves for the damper set-up by means of the optional MINI Driving Modes.Depending on the driving situation, this enables a damper response to beactivated which is either comfort-oriented or direct and sporty.

Expressingindividual style: new exclusive MINI Yours options

The options provided by the MINI Yoursprogramme offer a particularly exclusive way of customising the new MINIClubman. They underscore the British origins and fascinating tradition of thebrand as well as the driver’s personal style. High-quality materials, a precisefinish and stylish design are the characteristics of the MINI Yours specialequipment features for exterior and interior. In addition to the body finish inthe variant MINI Yours Enigmatic Black metallic and the light alloy wheels inMINI Yours British Spoke 2-tone design, there are a number of attractiveinterior design options available for the new MINI Clubman.

The range includes a MINI Yours sportssteering wheel and the seat upholstery variant MINI Yours Leather Lounge CarbonBlack. The seats acquire an extravagant touch by means of a Union Jack motif onthe headrests which is applied with precisely positioned perforations.Particularly exclusive accentuations are also provided by the MINI YoursInterior Styles option: this is available in the three versions Piano Blackilluminated, Frozen Blue illuminated and Fibre Alloy illuminated. The featuresincluded here are illuminated door bezels along with the all-round cockpitbezel, the cockpit trim and the centre console trim elements, which aredesigned to harmonise in matching colours. All MINI Yours options are alsoavailable individually. The MINI Yours package likewise on offer additionallyincludes MINI Yours floor mats with black piping and aluminium-coloured seampattern as well as a MINI Yours design label on the side windows.

Further customisation options for theinterior are the seat upholstery variants which have been newly added to theprogramme of optional equipment items. The Leather Chester variant is now alsoavailable for the new MINI Clubman in the colours Malt Brown, Indigo Blue andSatellite Grey.

Sixengines, all-wheel drive system ALL4 as an option

The engine portfolio for the new MINIClubman includes two 3-cylinder and one 4-cylinder petrol engines along withone 3-cylinder and two 4-cylinder diesel engines, each of which features thelatest generation of MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology. At a later stage themodel programme will be extended to include the new MINI John Cooper WorksClubman. The top athlete of the series is fitted as standard with the all-wheeldrive system ALL4.

As an alternative to the front-wheel powertransmission that is typical of MINI, the ALL4 system is also optionallyavailable for the two most powerful model variants – the MINI Cooper S and theMINI Cooper SD. With its fast and precise electronic control, this systemensures permanent distribution of power between the front and rear wheels as isappropriate to the situation.

Instead of the standard 6-speed manualtransmission, a 7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch isoptionally available for the MINI One Clubman, the MINI Cooper Clubman, theMINI Cooper S Clubman and the MINI One D Clubman. A 7-speed Steptronic sportstransmission is also optionally available for the MINI Cooper S Clubman: thisis characterised by especially fast shift times. The MINI Cooper D Clubman canbe optionally fitted with an 8-speed Steptronic transmission, which comes as astandard feature of the MINI Cooper S Clubman ALL4, the MINI Cooper SD Clubmanand the MINI Cooper SD Clubman ALL4 and can be optionally replaced in each ofthese models with an 8-speed Steptronic sports transmission.

Wide-rangingselection of audio and navigation systems

The standard range of equipment of the newMINI Clubman includes an audio system with six speakers and a USB socket. Thisenables the use of audio streaming via a Bluetooth connection. There is also ahands-free telephone facility with USB interface. The standard operating systemincludes a 6.5-inch colour screen in the central instrument and the MINIController on the centre console. The Connected Media option comprises theRadio MINI Visual Boost and a 6.5-inch colour screen with touchscreen functionand a newly design graphic display. It is also possible to use numerousonline-based MINI Connected services.

The optional equipment item ConnectedNavigation makes a range of additional infotainment functions available in thenew MINI Clubman, as well as providing a convenient route guidance system. TheMINI navigation system offers a map display with various perspectives on the6.5-inch colour screen. Meanwhile the key components of the optional equipmentfeature Connected Navigation Plus are an 8.8-inch colour screen – which alsoenables split-screen display – and the MINI Touch Controller. This option alsocomprises wireless charging for compatible mobile phones and a second USBsocket.

MINIClubman: smarter than ever and “always online”

The new MINI Clubman is equipped with a SIMcard which is permanently fitted in the car and meets the 4G mobile phonestandard. This means that Intelligent Emergency Call with automatic detectionof vehicle location and accident severity is available, as well as MINITeleServices. In conjunction with the options Connected Navigation andConnected Navigation Plus, it is possible to use the Real Time TrafficInformation service with traffic situation data in real time, the personalConcierge Service, the internet platform MINI Online and Apple CarPlaypreparation. The mobile phone connection also means that the vehicle’snavigation map are updated automatically.

In addition, the current update of the MINIConnected App offers an exceptionally wide range of digital services that allowmobility planning to be integrated seamlessly in day-to-day digital routine.This includes the possibility of sending navigation destinations fromsmartphone to vehicle and receiving information regarding the ideal departuretime, as well as Remote Services. The latter function allows the driver notjust to display vehicle location, fuel level and other vehicle status detailson their digital end device, but also activate the headlight flasher, horn,ventilation and door lock/unlock function.

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