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Published on May 21st, 2019 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Ferrari’s Abandoned In A Texas Field

What we are about to show you as you scroll down will have you in tears and anger if you are a real car enthusiast. Please get your tissues ready as the following pictures are very graphic in content and should not be shared with children under 14 years or car crazy adults with heart or respiratory problems.

Picture and Story credit to Silodrome Gasoline Culture Magazine who uncovered this story recently. This 11 rather rare and beautiful Italian machines are part of a car collection that belonged to a prominent lawyer in Texas. This is why you can see driven mileage in these cars (see odometers below).

The Texan owner, an avid car collector who also had two Rolls Royces, a Lotus, a Porsche and a Lamborghini become very ill in 2012 and due to his health reasons decided to warehouse these 13 Italian exotic machines and a few other exotic cars.

The machines from Maranello include a Testarossa, a 308 Quattrovalvole, a 400i, two 328s (a coupe and a targa), three 348s (a targa and 2 coupes), and a few Mondials.

With cars in this condition, sometimes the restoration costs might not justify the end value

So how did these exotic Italians end up in this state in an open field? Well, the warehouse rental payments stopped after the first few years and soon the warehouse owner (who obviously is not a car enthusiasts) moved all the cars into this field without even bothering to cover them or make sure vegetation does not grow underneath (moisture from plants and grass can cause rust to start in the undercarriage).

Shortly later the payments resumed but the warehouse owner did not move the cars back into the warehouse and instead they were left to the elements for a decade until the family of the lawyer got the necessary legal documents to take back possession of these cars.

In total there were 13 Ferraris and 2 Rolls Royces but both the Rolls Royces and 2 Ferraris were missing when the family came to take possession, leaving only 11 Ferraris of which only 9 have documents available for a sale to be conducted.

The family negotiated with a well known car dealer in the Texas area for the sale of all cars and the 9 documented Ferraris were restored and sold to collectors.

All the cars have now found new homes and some are almost ready to be driven and enjoyed the way they were intended to be.

Rust, rodents, insects and weather can be a harsh judge

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