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New Toyota Avanza Launched, Starts At RM80,888

UMW Toyota have just launched a new Avanza for the 2019 model year.

Three variants of the Avanza will be available:

  • Avanza 1.5E – RM80,888
  • Avanza 1.5S – RM83,888
  • Avanza 1.5S+ – RM87,888

All variants are powered by the proven 1.5-litre Dual VVT-i (2NR-VE) engine and come with a 4-speed automatic transmission. They all get ventilated disk brakes in the front and drum brakes at the rear.

Standard features include 15″ alloy wheels (full sized spare), Bi LED headlights, front foglamps, Bluetooth connectivity, tilt adjustable steering, power windows and more.

Safety features such as blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert are now available, but stability control is still not listed as a feature.

Here’s a breakdown of equipment on each specification. From left to right (Avanza 1.5S+, 1.5S and 1.5E). You may have to squint or head to the Toyota Website for a clearer image.

Here are the colour options:

Dark Red Mica Metallic

Silver Mica Metallic

Super White II

Black Metallic

Press release:

UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd is pleased to announce that the 2019 Toyota Avanza is now on sales at all Toyota showrooms nationwide. Three variants are available – Avanza 1.5E, Avanza 1.5S and Avanza 1.5S+. The Avanza 1.5G variant has been discontinued while the new Avanza 1.5S+ variant replaces the Avanza 1.5X.

The prices without insurance for the three variants are as follows:-
Avanza 1.5E – RM80,888;
Avanza 1.5S – RM83,888
Avanza 1.5S+ – RM87,888.

Customers have a choice of four exterior colours to choose from – Dark Red Mica Metallic, Silver Mica Metallic, White, and Black Metallic


In keeping with Toyota’s objective of making ever better cars, the latest Avanza has enhancements on the exterior such as two-tier LED headlamps with body-coloured trim to complement the sleek and sporty design of the small MPV. On each side, standard front foglamps provide supplementary lighting when needed.

The Bi-LED headlamps not only provide more advanced looks to the new Avanza but also stronger illumination for improved driving safety.

Additionally, LEDs are more lasting and have minimal power consumption. Unlike many small MPVs which are ‘bulbous’ in profile, the Avanza has a sleeker look. This is enhanced by seamless character lines running from the front headlamps along the side, visually stretching the vehicle. Chrome ornamentation on the rocker moulding below the front doors also adds a high-quality touch.

New features include a Sharkfin antenna on the roof and Side Door Mirrors with power adjustment and power folding (Avanza 1.5S and Avanza 1.5S+). Wind noise has been reduced by reshaping the casing of the door mirror to reduce the area where high negative pressure is generated.

Also contributing to smoother flow of air over the roof is the spoiler at the rear end with an integrated LED high-mounted stop lamp. The spoiler diverts air off the roof beyond the rear windscreen, thereby reducing turbulence that causes drag.

While there is frequent rainfall in Malaysia, the rainfall is not always heavy or constant. For convenience, the new Avanza has intermittent wiper modes for both the front and rear wipers. The front wipers are vehicle speed sensitive to operate more effectively, while the rear wipers automatically come on when the Reverse gear is selected (if the front wipers are also operating). Such convenience helps make motoring safer by allowing the driver to focus more on driving, especially in difficult conditions.

15-inch light alloy rims are standard for all variants and the tyres sizes are also the same for the spare wheel. Depending on the variant, there are two sporty designs – a bright finish for the Avanza 1.5E and a bolder dual-tone design for the Avanza 1.5S and 1.5S+.


With this latest generation which was launched in Malaysia in 2015, customers have received a higher standard of quality and materials. The latest 2019 model continues this approach to enhancements with its enhanced sporty look. However, priority has also been given to comfort and convenience for all occupants.

Enhancements for the latest Avanza include a 2-tone dashboard colour, complemented by a sporty new dark seat fabric with red accents. The low and wide streamlined dashboard has silver chrome ornamentation to provide a premium touch.

All new Avanzas come with a Digital Air-Conditioning system with more efficient and user-friendly operation. The system includes a Clean Air Filter for healthier air quality inside the cabin.

Connectivity is an important feature nowadays and to provide the driver and occupants with maximum connectivity to the digital world, the latest Avanza 1.5S+ comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This allows the driver to mirror and use many popular apps right from the dashboard.

The TFT display is a 6.75-inch Capacitive Touch Screen with WVGA Resolution Screen for clear and easy viewing. The new Avanza 1.5S and 1.5S+ are now fitted with a high-quality meter cluster with red accent lines and smooth gradation to express sportiness. For the Avanza 1.5E, the new
meter design features blue accent lines. Operation of the audio system can be done using switches on the steering wheel (Avanza 1.5S/1.5S+).

Other convenience features include a compartment for sunglasses above the rearview mirror (Avanza 1.5S/1.5S+) which can also be used to store a gate remote controller or small items. Two USB charging ports are also provided for powering or convenient recharging of portable devices, instead of using powerbanks.


The new Avanza 1.5S+ takes leadership in safety with the provision of a Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (BSM + RCTA) system as standard. Though available in more expensive models, it is rare at this price and class level and can make a meaningful contribution to reducing traffic accidents. With BSM + RCTA, the driver will be alerted whenever there is the possibility of a collision with other vehicles. BSM sensors scan along the sides of the vehicle, particularly in the ‘blind spot’ and if there is another vehicle nearby, the driver will be alerted by a flashing icon on the door mirror.

RCTA operates as the vehicle is reversing out of a parking bay and the driver may not be able to spot vehicles approaching from either side. Long-range sensors scan both sides and if vehicles are detected, the driver will be warned accordingly to avoid continuing to move backwards.

All variants get reverse sensors to aid parking and reversing as well as dual SRS airbags. A reverse camera is also standard for the Avanza 1.5S+ and optional for the Avanza 1.5E.


The Avanza is powered by the proven 2NR-VE 1.5-litre 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC with Dual VVT-I and a 4-speed Electronic Automatic Transmission. The engine has a power output of 105 ps with maximum of 136 Nm of torque available at 4200 rpm.

Countermeasures have been taken to reduce the level of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) for increased motoring comfort. These include having the entire cabin side surface of the dash inner silencer covered with sound-insulation material to reduce the intrusion of engine noise. High damping urethane material is also used for the tunnel silencer and rear deck silencer to reduce intrusion of gear noise from transmission & the vehicle differential.

Finally, working with the original equipment tyre supplier, Toyota engineers were able to reduce road noise generated from tyres by about 1.5 dB through changes to the tyre construction and rubber characteristics.


Over the years, many original Toyota accessories have been developed for the various models offered by UMW Toyota Motor. These are manufactured to the same high standards as the vehicles, professionally installed and covered by warranties. For the Avanza, owners of the 1.5S+ variants get a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system as standard.

The DVR provide continuous recording of the road and traffic condition at the front. The recordings are stored on the micro SD card in the front DVR and can be downloaded for use as evidence in the event of dispute. A rear DVR is also available as an extra-cost option. For those who want to make the journey even more enjoyable for the rear passengers, there is the option of including a Roof Mounted Monitor on the ceiling for the 1.5S+. This is an 8-inch full-colour monitor which can fold into the ceiling when not in use.

The display offers high resolution imagery and is compatible with the AVX audio system.

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