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BMW 1 Series gets stylish M-Performance Parts

This all new BMW 1-Series arrives to set anew benchmark in the compact premium class with driving dynamics to match orbetter the current market leader, the Mercedes A-Class.

Just days after its global unveiling, BMWGroup has just presented an extensive range of exclusive M Performance Partscomponents will be available, allowing sporty appearance and dynamic potentialof the new BMW to receive additional momentum in look and performance chapters.As is common for the Bavarian brand, all components are in harmony with eachother and the specific character of the new model.

In addition to improving the sporty look,in particular the dynamic presence from the outside, the new components alsomeet functional requirements in lightweight and aerodynamic construction. Thiscomes from experience of the BMW M GmbH in motorsports.

Different lightweight components in a newcarbon fiber look and finished in a glossy black highlight both the sporty lookand the aerodynamic lines of the sports body. The M Performance splitter, thehorizontal-flow rear spoiler and the front bumper wings help to streamlineairflow more efficiently. The same feature applies to the insertion on the sidesills and the carbon fiber back loudspeaker.

All M Performance components have beendeveloped specifically for the new BMW 1 Series and perfectly tuned in a windtunnel. The high quality carbon fiber parts are handmade before being sealedwith a clear and polished finish. This also applies to the M Performancerearview mirror covers; whose high-tech character offers a true visual appeal.

In addition, the M Performance listincludes options for exterior finishing. Frozen Black side inscriptionshighlight the new proportions of the model, for example, adding an attractivebody accent. The strikingly set décor and the M Performance inscription combineperfectly with the other mounted parts, emphasizing the sporty character of thenew model.

Another option available in thiscustomization program is the 18-inch M Performance Disc Brake System, whosefeatures are enhanced deceleration and increased thermal resistance – evenunder extreme conditions. The attractive aspect is also highlighted by redstuds, some fixed, aluminum and with four pistons for ventilated front discs.

On the rear axle there are some brakingmechanisms with a lightweight disc construction and single piston“floating” calipers.

With such brakes, the M-Performance HighPerformance Y-Spoke 554M and 18-inch high-performance forged wheels fitperfectly on. With summer tires in the set, the new Jet Black matt finish hasbeen optimized for weight and has a multicolor graphics that perfectly fit theM Performance inscription and the M sign.

Another model of the Y-Spoke 711M alloy,finished in the Ferric Gray hue and equally 18 inches, is recommended for usein the winter. Particularly it fits with anti-skid chains, but can also becombined with the new brake mechanisms announced. The range of options alsoincludes 19-inch Double Spoke 555M alloy wheels, available as a complete set ofwheels for use in the summer.

And the new M Performance covers arerecommended as a practical solution for storing and transporting these highquality wheels. They protect the driver and vehicle from dirt and are suitablefor loading due to the reinforced handles they have. The special markings onthem indicate which wheel and where it is, while the attractive design createsa racing atmosphere even in the home garage.

Distinctive accents are also penetratedinside. The M Performance, partially covered with the Alcantara and with largegrip areas, offers a true sense of racing. Another point of visual attractionis the red mark at 12 o’clock, as well as the contrasting sterling silver-graystitch seams. Other options include either Alcantara steering wheel and carbonfiber only, or leather and carbon fiber. In both cases, the 6 hour item carriesthe M Performance inscription. Also included is a high-quality carbon fibersteering wheel paddles.

Finally, another attractive addition to the M Performance sports vehicle is provided by a set of velor mats with specific inscriptions, logos and contrasting stitches. As a bonus, a three-way projection system is also available when opening doors.

We actually prefer the look of this all new 1-Series from the showroom…no kit needed

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