Published on May 7th, 2019 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Driving Schools Deliver Bad Drivers!

And this is a fact whether you like it or not. The new generation of drivers we get on our roads today are churned out like sliced bread from large bakeries as Malaysian driving schools make huge profits without working hard to produce good, traffic observing drivers.

Ok, we got to be fair, it is not all the driving schools that are doing a shoddy job, but looking at the high number of traffic accidents involving young adults around the country, we cannot but look at the quality of driver’s education that is being applied to young adults.

The damaged curbs indicate the many bad drivers moving in and out of this test facility

I was taught to drive by my late father. An avid car enthusiast, he insisted I learn how to:

  1. use my signals, since the car company provided them
  2. use the horn, since it came with the steering wheel
  3. respect the speed limit in urban areas, since we live happily with our neighbours.
  4. use the seatbelt since it was paid for when we bought the car
  5. use the lights at sun down and sun up since it was provided with the car
  6. respect traffic laws since we are law abiding citizens of Malaysia and like our freedom
  7. watch for motorcycles and pedestrians and not to be distracted…..35 years ago there were no cellphones and talking car cabins to take your attention away from the road
  8. understand the other driver next to you and their wheel movement to predict their next move on the road
  9. and most importantly, learn to look ahead at other road users and their driving behavior to avoid a possible accident.

Then came every Sunday, when we opened the engine hood and learnt basic engine maintenance, like checking all fluids, checking the battery, checking our wiper blades and then cleaning out the cabin for unwanted stuff.

This basic car maintenance tips above should be part of NEW driver’s education in Malaysia and more. The Road Transport Department should start auditing driver school teachers and make sure they are giving the proper on road education and NOT taking bribes from students to pass and get their license to KILL and be KILLED on the road. Sounds ‘Harsh’ I know but this is the fact!

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