Published on May 21st, 2019 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Did the Estima owner deserve this?

Double parking and blocking is becoming a daily issue in many areas and there are many selfish drivers who really do not care about others when they double park and block someone.

The tolerance level of many Malaysians are also reducing as these acts of selfishness is getting out of hand when some ‘blocking’ drivers do not even leave a phone number on their windscreen to call or do not even bother to rush out and move their vehicles when horns are blaring.

Recently a lady driver who was blocked in for a quite some time just reversed and rammed her car into the car blocking her and drove off.

Now we see this act of vandalism and we ask, is this going too far? Yes, this will really teach this Estima driver to never block another car, but this is vandalism and the repainting cost at the cheapest will be at least RM2,000.00. It is clear that the person with the spray can wanted to make a statement and they did it well by vandalising all four sides of this MPV.

Next, we might see aggravated violence and this could lead to a criminal charge. It is time to take stock of our senses and be considerate to others before things get out of hand.

Do what I do when some one blocks me……let the air out of their vehicle tyres…..2 tyres at least…and best about 70-80% of the air from the rear tyres. This way they will be delayed like they delayed us as they can only change one tyre with their spare in the boot and they will need to find a tyre shop to help them pump up the 2nd tyre. This they will learn and there is no damage to anybody’s property.

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