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Here’s The Toyota Yaris With BLACK Accents instead of RED

The Toyota Yaris is an exceptional hatchback. It has top-in-class NVH characteristics and rides on a really decent chassis. In our first impressions article, we noted these aspects.

However, we also took note of the red accents on the lower part of the vehicle. On the Red Mica Metallic version, this wasn’t quite an issue. But on the Super White II, Silver Mica Metallic and Citrus Mica Metallic versions, the contrasting red elements are definitely noticeable. We didn’t get to see the Yaris in Attitude Black on the drive.

Also worth noting is that the red elements on the bumper are left in body colour on the Silver Mica Metallic and Citrus Mica Metallic cars.

We decided to put some of our amateur photoshop skills use by recolouring these red elements. Here are some of our results.

Citrus Mica Metallic ‘Janna Nick Edition’


Same car With Blackened Trim:

We couldn’t quite get the shiny, reflective quality out during our edit. It still appears as a dark bronze trim if you look closely. But given that the decals on the Janna Nick edition also fade into a dark bronze towards the lower part of the body, we think this particular finish might actually work.

Silver Mica Metallic


With Blackened Trim:

For the Super White II Yaris, we did both the front and back of the vehicle.

Silver Mica Metallic

Rear – Original:

Rear With Blackened Trim:

Front – Original:

Front With Blackened Trim:

What do you think? The red accents do make the Yaris appear sportier and more youthful, but personally I think the blackened kit gives it the more mature look many traditional Toyota buyers are accustomed to.

If you want more on the new Toyota Yaris, be sure to watch our first impressions on the Autophiles Malaysia Youtube channel:

You can also find our first impressions below:

Both the Toyota Yaris and the Vios are assembled in the new Bukit Raja plant. They share a LOT of similarities with each other, including these red accents. If you’d like us to do a similar photo edit on the new Toyota Vios, please leave us a comment on this post on on our facebook page.

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