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VOTY 2019//Pickup Truck – Ford Ranger Raptor

Pickup trucks are an important segment. They represent a special class of vehicles that often negate a lot of the taxes and duties imposed on other passenger cars, making them ‘value for money’ in the eyes of many Malaysians. This is something all of us at VOTY are aware of. Many Malaysians buy these vehicles for the wrong reasons.

But instead of letting the trend go on unaddressed, one brand saw an opportunity and took it. The Ford Ranger Raptor takes everything that’s wrong and difficult to justify about the average pickup and made it desirable.

Instead of a stiff, unpleasant leaf spring suspension, you get coil springs and performance shocks. In place of chrome trim highlights, you get black and matte surfaces. In place of cargo loading capacity, you get a focus on off-road and on-road behaviour. It’s something the segment sorely lacks. Yes, the vehicle is a bit pricey, but the Ranger Raptor makes up for it by being more than the sum of its parts.

Ford Ranger Raptor Specifications

Engine: Inline 4, Biturbo, Diesel
Capacity: 1996cc
Gearbox: 10-speed Conventional Automatic
Max power: 210hp @ 3750rpm
Max torque: 500Nm @ 1750rpm
Top Speed: 170 km/h
0-100 km/h: 10.5 seconds
Price: RM199,888

How VOTY Winners are selected.

Our process is simple and clean.

All cars launched in Malaysia within 13 months of 2019 are eligible for entry. We contact all car brands operating in the country and ask to test these cars. There are no participation fees, no buying of tables at the event, no charge whatsoever. All that’s needed is a fresh enough car, and a willingness to give our judges a test drive.

About a month before the event, the four judges from dsf.my and gohedgostan.com (Daniel Sherman Fernandes, Ross Hadi, Amirul Mukminin and Subhash Nair) convene to discuss which vehicles impressed us in each category. The judges can only vote on cars that they’ve driven. A simple majority is all it takes for a car to win in a category.

Our title sponsor Allianz recognises the integrity of our team and all players involved in deciding on winners and leaves all decisions to us regarding the winners. We hope our readers appreciate the efforts of all parties involved and provide us with feedback on how we can further improve on this.

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