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What Works on the Mercedes-Maybach S560 and What Does Not

We recently experienced the best Mercedes had to offer with the Maybach S560 limousine. We posted our full review, but here are some additional thoughts on the car particularly with regards with what worked well and what didn’t.

Let’s start with the positive.

Leather-wrapped everything.

In the Maybach, there’s leather even in places where you don’t particularly expect it to be. This is a major plus. You hands rarely have to touch anything as common and course as plastic.

Beautiful Rims

We have to acknowledge that rims are difficult to get right for this class of car. Nowadays the trend is sporty two-tone wheels on everything from two-tone econoboxes to premium SUVs. But I really appreciate that the Maybach settles for these brilliant bright silver 19″ alloys. They do a fantastic job of making the Maybach look elevated above the S-Class.

Verticle Striped Grille

It’s the classic limo look. Wide, verticle slats on a thick, chromed grille.

Large Displacement V8

There’s no need to unleash the power of this motor. Its purpose is to make moving an effortless endeavour. That it does extremely well.

Smells like a Million Dollars

If you’re going to spend 1.4 million Ringgit, you’d better smell the part.

See in the Dark

I know it’s a feature that premium cars have had for at least a decade now, but its still impressive. And I really like its implementation here. Nice big digital instrument cluster being put to full use.

Business Class seating

There’s really nothing like being ferried around in complete comfort. The passenger side seat folds down to give you even more legroom here.

Wireless Charging for the Largest Phones

Sometimes having a Qi charger is not enough. It also needs to be large enough to support the largest phone available. And in this vehicle it is. You’ve got to respect that.

Chill Dude

Whether it’s your champagne or your coke, the rear passengers have some degree of control over the temperature of their beverages.

Work where you want

Having your own tray table makes working on a laptop much, much easier.

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