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Which Car Brand has the most Instagram Followers?

Lamborghini recently issued a press release when they surpassed 20 million instagram followers. Now that is quite an achievement. But rather than talking about that itself, we decided to have a look at where other brands stood.

It is worth noting that some of these brands rely on a single official account, while others have regional and global pages. For the purposes of this list, we will be looking at just the largest official account tied to the brand, whether that account is regional or global. We will not be combining figures.

We’re also only looking at accounts that have exceeded a million followers. Here they are in descending order:

  1. BMW – 21.2m
  2. Mercedes-Benz – 20.5m
  3. Lamborghini – 20.1m
The rivalry between BMW and Mercedes-Benz is pretty intense, even on Instagram
Doesn’t matter if the brand is doing well, Jaguar has a respectable following on Instagram
Nissan and Honda are among the most popular Japanese car manufacturers on the social media platform

Here are a few things that I took away from this list

Many brands seem to favour more localised instagram accounts. Renault and Toyota, though large in terms of volume, don’t seems to have huge single-account followings.

Supercars and premium brands dominate the list.

If you want to read a list of the most hashtagged brands on Instagram, there’s another website with that. And for reference, the Lamborghini press release that inspired this post is below.

Press Release

Automobili Lamborghini hits 20 million followers on Instagram, celebrating the new milestone achieved with some exclusive content posting on its channels.

This included a special greeting on Linkedin and Twitter from the  Sant’Agata Bolognese super sports car factory’s Chairman and CEO Stefano Domenicali, photographed for the occasion with two of Lamborghini’s most recent masterpieces: the Aventador SVJ and Huracán EVO. Needless to say, the most important celebrations took place on Instagram. Lamborghini’s account featured a dedicated post for lovers of the super sports car, with the #20million embedded in the plate of a Huracán EVO.

Another great moment of engagement involved the stories, with the chance for followers to receive and edit a hashtag-less version of the same Huracán EVO rear pic, allowing them to write their own name on the plate of the super sports car and share the photo on their personal channels. Another simple but stunning way to show their love for Lamborghini. Automobili Lamborghini’s Instagram activity started in May 2012.

In less than seven years, Lamborghini has gained a 20 million following with an average annual growth of over three million users per year. With daily feed posts, stories, events, races and storytelling in and out of Sant’Agata Bolognese, over the years the@lamborghini account has managed to convey the brand’s DNA in a unique, distinctive way.

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