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Published on June 21st, 2019 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Suzuki Jimny 2018 model from RM168k to RM198k

Malaysia still does not have a Suzuki dealership selling brand new models, not since the previous business closed some years ago. The franchise is still held by the previous brand guardian, DRB-Hicom and we have been hearing rumors that a new ‘players’ are trying their level best to get Suzuki back in Malaysia (this is another article coming soon).

Meanwhile, the interest in the all new Suzuki Jimny has been huge around the world and also Malaysia and this is why a private car importer (AP holder) has decided to import in 10 units of 2018 Suzuki Jimny’s into the country at a selling price of between RM168,000 to RM198,000 (pending local tax confirmation)

So why all the excitement?

The pictures do not lie……it is a great looking product!

The all-new Suzuki Jimny now has even morefunctionality and practicality on both its appearance and performance whilestill fully embodying the spirit of its much-loved predecessors and its coreconcept of being the “one-and-only, small, lightweight 4WD vehicle”.The all-new Jimny crafts together simplicity, functional beauty and 4WDtechnology that leave both off-road professionals and city-users wanting more.

Practical exterior

The beauty of simplicity and off-roadfunctionality are both realised with its robust exterior. Its strong squarebody expresses its off-road ability and robustness, as well as contribute tothe driver’s situational awareness. The more upright A-pillars and flatclamshell bonnet enhance visibility from the windshield, while the dippeddriver and passenger window lines expand visibility from the side windows. Thefront grille is simple and black, highlighting the round signature headlamps,with 15-inch dark-metallic alloy wheels accentuating the strong exterior evenmore.

Other exterior features include the driprails on the roof edges, which prevent water ingress into the cabin whenopening or closing a door, wheel arch extensions and side sill coversprotecting the body from stone chips and rear lamps gathered on the bumper toachieve a simplistic design and also contribute to a wider rear door opening.

Eight body colours, including two newcolours developed exclusively for the all-new Jimny: a high-visibility“Kinetic Yellow” designed to stand out in bad weather or rough worksites,and a low-visibility “Jungle Green” which blends in with naturalscenery.

Functional Interior

Straightforward, practical anddown-to-earth, every detail is carefully crafted to realise a beautiful yetfunctional interior. The handsome black interior is without excessive coloursor decoration to minimise distraction and lets the driver concentrate onmanoeuvring the vehicle. The horizontal lines defined by the instrument panel,and the vertical lines characterised by the meter cluster and centre consolepanels help the driver recognise the angle of the vehicle in rough andmountainous terrain.


Everything surrounding the driver and frontpassenger is built for professional use. Crafted for carefree dependability,the instrument panel and surrounding parts have a scratch and stain-resistantgrained finish, and the grip and switches are easy to operate so that it can behandled in off-road conditions as well as while wearing gloves. The meters setin cubic housings are always lit up for clear viewing on and off-road, when thevehicle often passes between sunlit and shaded areas. For intuitive operationof the audio system, a Bluetooth®-compatible Smartphone Linkage Display Audiounit with a 7-inch infrared touchscreen is equipped on higher grades.

Luggage Space

The rear luggage space can be expanded byfolding the rear seats, creating a 377 litre luggage space which is 53 litreslarger than its predecessor. Flat all the way across, the quarter trims andseats have been carefully designed to increase storage width, and the backs ofthe rear seats and luggage room floor are coated with plastic for easydirt/stain removal. Five utility screw holes are available on each side underthe quarter windows along with four luggage hook screw holes around the floorarea for flexible usage of the luggage space.

Uncompromising performance

Authentic off-roaders must be tough enoughto handle the harshest conditions. From its ladder frame structure to its1.5-litre engine, the all-new Suzuki Jimny is built for rough-road adventures.But on-road ability was not compromised, with the higher torsional rigidity ofthe ladder frame providing a more comfortable and solid ride on the road, andnewly equipped steering damper on the front suspension minimising steeringwheel vibration and kickback. Whether navigating the urban jungle or exploringoff the beaten track, the Jimny is sure to satisfy adventurous minds.

Off-road capability

The Suzuki Jimny incorporates the fouressentials for serious off-roading – a ladder frame, the three angles, 3-linkrigid axle suspension with coil spring and part-time 4WD with low rangetransfer gear. Designed for professionals, it features ALLGRIP PRO.

The ladder frame structure provides a solidbase for suspension components when driving off-road and also helps protect thevehicle body even on bumpy surfaces. For the all-new Suzuki Jimny, a new“x-member” and two additional cross members have been added forfurther reinforcement and increased torsional rigidity.

The ample approach angle of 37 degrees,ramp breakover angle of 28 degrees and departure angle of 49 degrees allow theJimny to climb over obstacles and steep hills without scraping its bumpers orunderbody.

Rigid axle suspensions thrive in bumpyoff-road driving. When one tyre is pushed upward by an obstacle, the connectedtyre on the other side is pressed downward, giving superior grip on uneventerrain. The Jimny equips the rigid axle suspension on both the front and rear,allowing it to travel even on rough roads.

The Suzuki Jimny features a part-time 4WDsystem with low range transfer gear, which can be easily switched from 2H(2WD-high gear), 4H (4WD-high gear) and 4L (4WD-low gear) modes by a shiftlever directly connected to the transfer gear. Compared to the 4H mode, the 4Lmode can transfer more torque to the tyres while in lower gears, for bettertraction on steep slopes and rough terrain.

When two wheels diagonal from each otherlose traction, the Jimny’s brake LSD traction control automatically brake theslipping wheels to redistribute torque to the other side and allow the vehicleto gain traction. This system allows the Jimny to escape slippery surfaces aswell as bumpy rough roads that vary on the right and left sides.

1.5-litre engine

The former 1.3-litre engine is replaced bya 1.5-litre engine in the all-new Jimny. It delivers stronger torque at all rpmthan its predecessor, with ample torque at low revolutions enhancing drivingperformance especially while driving off-road, where low revolution is oftenneeded. Despite the increased displacement, it has smaller overall dimensionsthan the engine it replaces, with 15% reduced weight, contributing to enhancedfuel efficiency.

4-speed automatic transmission

The 4-speed automatic transmission has alsobeen redesigned to offer less friction and better fuel economy. The shiftpattern has been changed from the former gate type to the straight (aligned)type to simplify operation.


Suzuki Safety Support is Suzuki’s preventativesafety technology that helps the driver avoid accidents and supports the driverto have peace of mind during every day driving. With Dual Sensor Brake Support(DSBS), if the system determines that there is a risk of collision with aforward vehicle or pedestrian, it issues an audio and visual warning, increasesbraking force, or applies strong automatic brakes depending on the situation,in an effort to avoid the collision or reduce damage. Other functions includelane departure warning and weaving alert function to help the driver keepalert, and high beam assist supports relaxing, courteous night driving byautomatically switching the high and low beams.

In the Suzuki Jimny, traffic signrecognition monitors the road ahead for traffic signs. When it detects roadsigns such as speed limits or no passing zones, it displays the sign on themeter display to help the driver remember which road signs the car has passed.For additional traffic signs showing supplementary information, a blank box isdisplayed under the main traffic sign to inform the driver. The Jimny is thefirst Suzuki model to adopt this system.

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