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Renault Captur Gets E-TECH Plug-in hybrid engine

In a segment that has become extremelycompetitive, the All-New Captur has reinvented itself without losing the uniqueidentity that made the original such a success. Featuring athletic and dynamicnew looks, an even more welcoming and practical interior and setting newtechnology standard, the New Renault Captur is more grown-up and upmarket thanever.

The All-New Captur is one of the keymodel’s in Renault’s Drive the Future (2017-2022) strategic plan, thanks in nosmall part to its status as a truly global product. Not only is it sold onevery continent, the All-New Renault Captur will be also be manufactured inChina, a key market for Renault.

Furthermore, the All-New Captur isimportant technologically, as it meets the three pillars of the mobility of thefuture as presented in the strategic plan, which are as follows:

  • Electric-powered: by the end ofthe plan, Renault will have 12 electric models in its range, and the All-NewCaptur will be the first Renault model to benefit from the E-TECH Plug-inhybrid engine.
  • Connected: at the end of theplan, 100 percent of vehicles in the company’s key markets will featureconnected systems. The All-New Renault Captur perfectly illustrates thisdynamic with its new connected multimedia system and the Renault EASY CONNECTplatform.
  • Autonomy: by 2022 Renault willbe marketing 15 models equipped with some form of autonomous drivingtechnology. The All-New Captur will be one of the pioneers, joining All-NewClio in delivering autonomous driving technologies to B-segment models.


Renault has always been a technologypioneer and the All-New Renault Captur continues that tradition as in 2020 itwill become the first model in its class to be offered with a plug-in hybridengine. Called E-TECH Plug-in it has been designed to appeal to customers wherethe All-New Captur will be the household’s only vehicle, delivering the longestdriving range in electric mode and the best all-round performance for a plug-inhybrid model. In total, Renault has registered over 150 patents for the E-TECHPlug-in engine fitted to the All-New Captur, demonstrating its cutting-edgecredentials.

Capable of driving up to 28 miles (45kilometres) at speeds of up to 83 mph (135 km/h) in pure electric mode, theAll-New Renault Captur demonstrates impressive versatility. Owners can use thecar for daily trips without consuming any petrol, while longer weekend andholiday journeys can be undertaken without any range anxiety. What’s more,thanks to its specially designed system and continuous energy regenerationcapability of its two electric motors, the All-New Captur always retains enoughcharge in its 9.8kWh battery to move away and run at low speeds in electricmode, helping to reduce fuel consumption.

The system is similar to that fitted to theNew Clio E-TECH, meaning it features a braking system taken directly from theelectric vehicle class. This means it allows a maximum of energy to berecovered and returned for rapid self-recharging of the battery, while thestrong regenerative braking effect allows a one pedal driving technique,further boosting efficiency.

The electric part of the drivetrain islinked to a new 1.6-litre petrol engine, which has been reworked especially forthis application and is equipped with a particle filter to reduce harmfulemissions. It also features an innovative multimode continuously variablegearbox for smooth and seamless operation.

As for charging, the All-New Captur getsMode 2-compatible charging plug for domestic sockets and a Mode 3 plug forcharging stations.

TCe 100

Following the All-New Clio, the All-NewRenault Captur is the second model in the Renault range to benefit from theturbocharged 3-cylinder 1.0 TCe. Featuring a turbocharger with an electricallycontrolled wastegate, an exhaust manifold that is partially built into thecylinder head, hydraulic twin variable timing control and the Bore SprayCoating that reduces its consumption and CO2 emissions, this engine is atcutting edge of internal combustion technology. With 100 PS and 160 N.m oftorque, this new generation engine makes the All-New Captur a versatile SUV,comfortable both in the city and on the motorway.

TCe 130

The 1.3 TCe engine made its debut in theprevious generation Captur, as well as having proved itself in numerous othermodels in the Renault range. With 130 hp and 240 N.m of torque if deliversstrong performance, smoothness and efficiency, enabling dynamic driving whilekeeping fuel consumption and CO2 emissions down. Fitted as standard with a6-speed manual gearbox, it’s also available with a new 7-speed (the previouscar was a six-speed) EDC dual-clutch gearbox that features steering-wheelmounted gearshift paddles

TCe 155

At the top of the petrol range is the The155 PS version of the 1.3 TCe engine, which with 270Nm of torque maximises thedynamic qualities of the All-New Renault Captur and its new CMF-B platformchassis. Exclusively available with the EDC 7-speed automatic dual-clutchgearbox, this unit provides keen drivers with a greater feeling of sportinessand enjoyment at the wheel, particularly when taking advantage of theMULTI-SENSE Sport mode

This 155 PS version of the 1.3 TCe engineis calibrated differently from the previous 150 PS version it replaces,allowing greater performance but with lower consumption and CO2 emissions thatare optimised to meet the WLTP approval protocol.

More information and its arrival date willbe shared soon.

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