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Hyundai Motor Group Unveil CVVD Tech on Smartstream Engine

Hyundai and Kia now have cutting edge engine tech to work with. The Hyundai Motor Group just unveiled their Continuously Variable Valve Duration (CVVD) technology which will be featured on their Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi petrol engine.

CVVD is a valve control development that regulates how long the valves are kept open and closed. Previous variable valve control technology controlled the volume of air by adjusting the depth of the opening created by the valve. CVVD is the first system of its kind to be able to adjust the duration the valve is kept open.

This is important for efficiency. CVVD can allow intake valves to open from the middle to the end of the compression stroke, which reduces resistance when driving a steady speed. Conversely, more air can be allowed in when more power is required to enhance torque and acceleration.

Hyundai Motor Group says that it will give a 4% increase in performance and a 5% increase in fuel efficiency while cutting emissions by 12%.

Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi Engine

Unveiled alongside the new CVVD technology is the new Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi Engine, a V4 gasoline turbo unit with 180 horsepower and 27.0kgm of torque. The new powertrain is the first to utilize the Group’s new CVVD technology and also features Low-Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation (LP EGR) to further optimize fuel efficiency.

The exhaust gas recirculation system returns some of the gas burnt by the engine to the combustion chamber, producing a cooling effect and reducing the emission of nitrogen oxides. The G1.6 T-GDi also features a low-pressure system that redirects the burnt emission gas to the front of the turbocharger compressor, rather than the intake system, to increase efficiency under the high load condition.

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Additionally, the new unit has an Integrated Thermal Management System that quickly heats or cools the engine to an optimal temperature, and a strong direct spray system that achieves 350bar, surpassing the 250bar of the previous T-GDi engine. In addition, engine friction is reduced by 34% with the application of low friction moving parts.

The new Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi engine will be applied in the Hyundai Sonata Turbo, which is set for introduction in the second-half of this year. This premiere will mark the first in a series of new Hyundai and Kia vehicles featuring the engine. Information on first Kia vehicle to feature the engine will be revealed later on near the vehicle’s launch date. 

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