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5 reasons why GOJEK might NOT work in Malaysia

There are plans to introduce GOJEK to Malaysia and we offer 5 issues

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman (Malaysian Youth Minister) has the motoring media chattering all day yesterday and today about his intentions to bring Indonesian owned ride-hailing success story GOJEK to Malaysia.

Syed remarked that this would be a great opportunity to support the livelihood of local motorcyclists (kapchais and scooter owners).

In a one-minute video posted on Twitter, Syed Saddiq said the Malaysian government’s one-off program or initiative to build racing tracks in the country is insufficient to support the livelihood of those motorcyclists. “They need to be defended, they need jobs and this was a more pressing issue.

This is why I met with the founder of GOJEK, Nadiem Makarim who have helped create jobs for over 2 million motorcyclists in Indonesia and hundred thousand more in Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam,” said the minister.

“Today, together we had met with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Transport Minister Anthony Loke. The presentation was well accepted, and we will finalise the discussion (of introducing GOJEK services in Malaysia) in the upcoming Cabinet meeting this Wednesday (August 21),” he added.

GOJEK’s possible startup in Malaysia sounds sketchy as recently the Malaysian government banned Dego Ride, which also provides motorcycle taxi service like the GOJEK. Further to that we have 5 reasons why GOJEK might not work in Malaysia.

1.         Malaysia has a strict law for the use of helmets for motorcycle riders and their passenger. Indonesia and Thailand does not enforce this. Will YOU wear someone else’s helmet on your head?

2.         We are already seeing a month on month rising demand for food delivery services and the current kapchai and scooter riders are earning well enough. They might be little incentive to do passenger service.

3.         In our conservative society would ladies sit with stranger on a motorcycle? Would you want your wife, daughter or sister to be riding GOJEK?

4.         More than 60% of current road accidents involve motorcyclists. Passengers would be at risk.

5.         We already have home shopping delivery riders, food delivery riders and courier riders beating traffic lights, riding one way roads the wrong way, riding on pavements, etc, now with GOJEK you will see even more kapchais breaking the law which is becoming harder to enforce.

Think about it and please share your ideas or comments.   

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