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Theophilus Shows Jaguar What They Should be Making

Last week, Jaguar unveiled a facelifted version of their F-Type coupé and convertible. While the improvements were great, there was still a lingering problem: it was a little bit stuck in the past with its petrol engines and 2-doors. This is especially true considering Porsche are already spearheading the 4-door performance electric segment with the Taycan and Mercedes-AMG too have pushed into the 4-door GT car realm.

That in mind, the talented Theophilus Chin took it upon himself to render what Jaguar perhaps should be working on: a car to take on the Taycan.

Here’s what it looks like from the front:

F-Type 4-Door Coupé by Theo
F-Type Coupé

To our untrained eyes it looks like he may have shortened the hood and brought the A-pillars forward to make room for the additional doors and cabin space. All-in-all, it still looks elegant. The presence of a grille is justified on this ‘electrified’ version as the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace too retains its grille.

Over at the rear, a few things are immediately apparent (beyond the additional doors and modified side windows. The tailpipes have been deleted, the lower half of the rear bumper is completely different, and the license plate has been moved lower down in order to ‘connect’ the taillights. That seems to be the trend with many newer vehicles from Audi and Porsche so it’s only fitting that an electrified Jagaur join in on the design trend. We think this look is a lot cleaner and futuristic.

What do you think of Theo’s 4-door electric F-Type? Is there a particular name that might fit into Jaguar’s nomenclature? Let us know.

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