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Experience the Isuzu D-Max 1.9L Without Going to a Showroom

It’s not very often you see pick-up trucks being associated with great tactile experiences. But we thought we’d give the D-Max a shot at one of our Sights & Sounds video experiences. Of course, it’s not as pleasant to handle as a premium car, but there were also positives to it being a truck. For one, the truck bed, which is unique in the D-Max for having soft-to-open and light-to-close mechanisms (Gas strut and torsion spring) as well as a luggage tray that can be slid out.

Furthermore, the rear seats can be folded down or folded up depending on what sort of luggage you want to carry in the rear. That’s something normally only seen in Honda’s B-segment products.


Perhaps best of all was how the truck was suited for this format of video. There are quite a number of things to operate in the vehicle, but they’re all very straightforward and easy to film. So much so that we decided to film it all in 4K with a tripod! See for yourself:

You can also read our full review of this very car here.

Additional Notes:

This is not the first time we’ve shot Sights & Sounds in 4K with a tripod. Our previous attempt was published a few weeks ago with the Porsche Macan. You can watch that video here. Our standard Sights & Sounds video format is done with a handheld camera. Most often with a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, though there are some instances where we’ve used a Sony RX100 MKIII or a Panasonic Lumix G85. Oddly enough, the video in this series with the most hits was a rival to the Isuzu D-Max, the Mitsubishi Triton! We’re hoping this video eventually gets as much attention as that one did. You can watch that video here. There’s also a video review here or a full written review of the Triton here.

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