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Allianz Shares Tips on Buying Life Insurance in Your 20s

If you are in your 20’s and is just starting out in your career, this is the best time to get yourself protected.

Most young adults do not see the need in buying life insurance so early on in their life. You are young and healthy, is it really necessary to buy life insurance this early? The answer is yes and the earlier the better.

Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad’s Chief Sales Officer, Ong Pin Hean shares some sage advice on buying insurance when in your 20’s.


Medical card vs Life insurance

It is very common for young adults to be unaware about the necessity of purchasing a life insurance policy. Ong said: “Usually their focus will be on buying a car or maybe getting started on their plans to buy a house. If they’re thinking about insurance, it’s usually about getting a medical card as they feel that youth and wellbeing is on their side which can be a grave misconception.”

Buy insurance when you are young

Having a life insurance policy will act as a financial safety net for your family in the event of an untimely death and can also serve to replace lost income or pay off debts. A younger and healthier policyholder will also receive a more comprehensive coverage as you should have a clean bill of health. Plus, you would save a lot on the premium too.

Finding the perfect insurance policy

There is no one policy fits all, but Allianz PowerLink comes close to it. The plan offers you both medical and life insurance coverage with an investment element built making Allianz your one-stop insurance provider. Ong advises: “If you can afford the premiums, you can also opt for added coverage as well.”

Allianz PremierLink offers life protection for those who want added life insurance coverage on top of an existing one with premiums as low as RM250 per month for an RM1 million life insurance policy.

For more information on Allianz PowerLink and Allianz PremierLink, visit and You can also call Allianz Customer Service at 1-300-22-5542.

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