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New Mazda EZ-6 EV Is Based On Changan’s Deepal SL03

The Mazda EZ-6 EV could be the electric replacement to the Mazda 6, but it’s not REALLY a Mazda.

In the race to create viable electric vehicles for the passenger car market, the Japanese (with the exception of Nissan) have been lagging behind significantly. Toyota can’t make one without help from Subaru and BYD, Honda can’t make one without GM and GAC, Mazda can’t make one that gets more than 200km on a single charge… until now. The Mazda EZ-6 was shown today and it looks like Mazda too has had to rely on its Chinese manufacturing partner Changan to bring about a viable EV.

Mazda EZ-6 hero photo

The Mazda EZ-6 is in fact a Deepal SL03 and if you haven’t heard of Deepal, don’t worry, neither have we. It has been around for years as Changan New Energy Automobile but only got its semi-independence in 2023. It has since been introduced to Thailand and in two years they’ve put 150,000 cars on the road in its two main markets.

For now the Mazda EZ-6 is expected to be a China-exclusive vehicle, as. this market has clearly shifted its focus too new energy vehicles, which general encompass PHEVs and EVs. While the current generation Mazda 6 continues to soldier on in many markets (including ours) for more than a decade without a generational update, it has been discontinued in China altogether.

Hence the need to rush out an electric replacement of similar size and caliber. It should be noting that there’s a hybrid version as well. To think it wasn’t so long ago when even Hongqi sold a rebadged Mazda 6 domestically.

Changes Vs Deepal SL03

In creating the EZ-6, Mazda took the Deepal SL03’s body and replaced the front fascia with its signature front grille. Around back, we get a similar story, with some Mazda-esque design philosophy returning but with sharper lines and a lightstrip treatment. The original deployable spoiler from the Deepal returns. It looks like they’ve had to redesign some key parts including doors, fenders, side skirts and even the hood to achieve this new shape. The easiest part of the Mazda redesign was probably the 19″ wheels.

In the cabin, the Mazdafication looks less intense but it’s done just well enough to come across as an in-house product. The twin digital displays for the instrument cluster and the infotainment unit are all common with the Deepal SL03. However, the steering gets some minute changes to appear more Mazda like. There are also unique parts such as the air vents and the centre console that only appear on the EZ-6. The warm colour palette of the cabin also comes across as a Mazda touch.

Mazda says the EZ-6 can get 600km on a full charge and there’ll also be a hybrid version too. With a right hand drive conversion, there’s no reason to think a car like this wouldn’t succeed in Malaysia if priced right.

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