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Published on May 24th, 2020 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Koenigsegg is proud of the seats in the Regera

The Koenigsegg Regera hyper-car can accelerate from 0 to 400 km/h and back to 0 in an amazing 31.49 seconds and it does this while the driver sits in absolute luxury. 

This speed run was proven some time ago at the Råda airfield close to the town of Lidköping. The car was driven by Koenigsegg factory driver Sonny Persson.

Now all this was thanks to the many components and engineering marvels that have been highlighted numerous times by various media outlets over the years. 

Now we want to share one very unique luxury feature that Koenigsegg worked on personally to have in this hyper-car. The car seats. 

Koenigsegg Regera hyper-car top view

PRESS RELEASE: The Regera’s seats consist of layers of special mesh material so it’s passively ventilated. Its unique woven structure supports the surface leather so it won’t stretch or crease too much, retaining its shape. As such, finer and softer leather can be used for a premium touch.

Despite its scintillating performance, Regera owners can also expect the most refined driving experience yet from a Koenigsegg car. New active engine mounts provide a sense of isolation and peace within the cabin at lower speeds, but firm up for a more active driving experience when required which is a true Jekyll and Hyde proposition.


The interior of the Regera features optimum comfort and functionality.

Koenigsegg’s unique ‘Autoskin’ function allows the driver to open the doors and front and rear hoods remotely using a lightweight hydraulic system. Buttons for operation of ‘Autoskin’ are available both on the driver’s remote control key and via the centre console inside the car.

Additional compartments have been fitted in front of the driver and passenger, where personal items such as phones, wallets, etc can be stored.

The wing mirrors now fold automatically when the doors open to further increase the practicality of the dihedral synchrohelix door actuation system. Furthermore, as the Autoskin function allows for the doors to open automatically, we have fitted the doors and wing mirrors with proximity sensors in order to safeguard against the doors striking nearby objects (curb, low roof, etc) while opening or closing.

To complement the rear camera and the side door cameras, there is also the option of a forward facing camera that works together with the other cameras in the car to enable a birds-eye view of the of the car while parking or maneuvering in confined areas.

Apple CarPlay is standard equipment in the Regera and with Wi-Fi functionality, there is no longer any need to connect a phone via USB. Inductive charging ensures that an owner’s phone remains ready for use once a journey has ended.

The seats now feature heating and electrical adjustment with memory function. All in all the Regera is truly a fusion of luxury, comfort and race car performance. Compromise is avoided at all cost. A sense of theatre, mega-performance, luxury and light weight are all in equal focus like never before.

Koenigsegg’s vision has always been to find the best possible solution to a given challenge. Our enduring goal is maximum performance; the pursuit of automotive perfection. The Regera is the latest embodiment of that vision.

It is an extraordinary leap into the future of extreme high performance motoring. Whether it be a contest of performance or a contest of ideas, the Regera concedes nothing. It is a gracious grand tourer, a technical tour-de-force and of course, we still maintain that the only way to be faster around a racetrack than the Regera is to drive another Koenigsegg.

Image by Winning Automotive Photography. Courtesy of @atiquester

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