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Bermaz Motor Reveals New Mazda Price List

In line with the sales tax exemption on new cars effective from 15 June to 31 December 2020, Bermaz Motor has updated its price list for all Mazda models sold in Malaysia.

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Below is the summary of the models applicable for the sales tax exemption. Prices shown are on-the-road without insurance, based on Peninsular Malaysia pricing for private registration.

ModelVariantPrice with SSTPrice with 2020 SST Exemption (Until 31 December 2020)Price DifferencePrice Difference in Percentage
Mazda21.5L HB HIGH (DNF5 RAB)103,670.00100,870.00-2,800.00-2.70%
1.5L SDN HIGH (DNF7 RAB)103,670.00100,870.00-2,800.00-2.70%
Mazda31.5L SDN MID (BFBC RAA)139,620.00135,070.00-4,550.00-3.26%
1.5L LIFTBACK MID (BFBE RAA)139,620.00135,070.00-4,550.00-3.26%
2.0L SDN HIGH (BEGW RAS)150,059.00145,119.00-4,940.00-3.29%
2.0L SDN HIGH PLUS (BEGW RAT)160,059.00154,679.00-5,380.00-3.36%
2.0L LIFTBACK HIGH PLUS (BEJC RAQ)160,059.00154,679.00-5,380.00-3.36%
Mazda62.0L SDN MID (GDDJ RAA)173,659.00168,459.00-5,200.00-2.99%
2.5L SDN HIGH (GDDK RAA)211,148.00204,288.00-6,860.00-3.25%
2.5L TOURING HIGH (GDDD RAA)215,148.00208,048.00-7,100.00-3.30%
2.2D SDN HIGH (GDDH RAA)219,851.00212,161.00-7,690.00-3.50%
Mazda CX-32.0L 2WD  (DP1E RAH)130,159.00126,829.00-3,330.00-2.56%
Mazda CX-302.0L 2WD CORE (DGE4 RBK)145,759.00141,649.00-4,110.00-2.82%
2.0L 2WD HIGH (DGE5 RAD)164,059.00159,109.00-4,950.00-3.02%
2.0L AWD HIGH (DHV2 RAG)176,059.00170,459.00-5,600.00-3.18%
1.8D 2WD HIGH (DHW5 RAA)172,943.60167,673.60-5,270.00-3.05%
Mazda CX-52.0LG 2WD MID (KW85MM1)137,269.20132,403.80-4,865.40-3.54%
2.0L 2WD HIGH (KW85MM2)154,269.20148,563.70-5,705.50-3.70%
2.5L 2WD HIGH (KW86MM1)167,660.40161,103.50-6,556.90-3.91%
2.2D 2WD HIGH (KW88MM1)173,122.80167,274.70-5,848.10-3.38%
2.5L AWD HIGH T/C (KW87MM1)181,660.40174,852.10-6,808.30-3.75%
Mazda CX-82.5L 2WD MID (KV55MM1)179,660.40173,038.90-6,621.50-3.69%
2.5L 2WD MID PLUS (KV55MM2)185,660.40178,428.20-7,232.20-3.90%
2.5L 2WD HIGH (KV55MM3)201,360.40193,742.50-7,617.90-3.78%
2.2D AWD HIGH (KV56MM1)213,922.80206,265.60-7,657.20-3.58%
Mazda CX-92.5L T 2WD (TN59 RAA)290,610.40282,520.40-8,090.00-2.78%

The car sales tax exemption was announced by the Prime Minister as part of the government’s Short-Term Economic Recovery plan. Under the initiative, locally-assembled models (CKD) will get 100% sales tax exemption while fully-imported models (CBU) will receive 50% sales tax exemption.

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