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Tesla Model 3 Available in Johor Bahru with Units Ready

If you’re in Johor Bahru and you may start to notice more electric cars on the road instead of the usual BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi vehicles. That’s because a dealer there called Kasawari seems to have stocked up on a couple of cars.

For now, there’s one car in white and another in red. White is a standard colour for the Tesla Model 3 while the red multi coat version costs something like RM10,000 extra after conversion, at least that’s what the conversion from Japanese Yen states.

The model being offered is the Long Range, All-wheel Drive Performance variant. It’s not the base model RWD Standard Range Plus model that we saw being offered on a brochure for RM385k a while back. That deal advertised a brand new car and a 6-16 week waiting period.

With this JB dealer, there are actual cars in the showroom ready to be driven away. The cars are coming from the UK and the configurator shows quite a number of options and we’re not sure which ones have been ticked besides the performance pack for the Red car. However, this, and the higher spec means that the price being asked for is much higher.

The white car’s going for RM510,000 while the red one’s going for RM530,000.

BHPetrol RON95 Euro 4M

For that price, the dealer at Kasawari is offering a localised warranty, a wall charger and standard charging accessories thrown in as well.

In addition, all Over-The-Air updates for cars are guaranteed to come in, with a system set up to ensure of this.

Here are some vehicle specifications of the Tesla Model 3. Unfortunately most specs are not in metric units.

Vehicle specs

Dimensions and weight

  • Length: 184.8”
  • Width: 82.2” (76.1” wing mirrors folded)
  • Vehicle height: 56.8”
  • Wheelbase: 113.2”
  • Tread (wheel center): front and rear 62.2”
  • Minimum ground clearance: 5.5”
  • Headroom, Standard: Front row 39.6”, Second row 37.7”
  • Headroom, glass roof: front row 40.3”, second row 37.7”
  • Leg space: front row 42.7”, second row 35.2”
  • Shoulder room: front row 56.3”, second row 54.0”
  • Hip room: front row 53.4”, second row 52.4”
  • Passenger capacity: 5 adults
  • Luggage capacity: 15 cubic feet
  • Weight distribution:
    • Front 47%, Rear 53% (Model 3)
    • 48% front, 52% rear (Model 3 midrange and long range RWD)
    • 50% front, 50% rear (Model 3 dual motor and Performance)

Car body

  • Hybrid steel/aluminum body
  • Air resistance coefficient (Cd value) 0.23


  • Coil over twin tube Double wishbone type virtual steer axis front suspension including shock absorber and stabilizer bar
  • Independent multi-link rear suspension including twin-tube shock absorber and stabilizer bar
  • Variable rate, speed sensitive electric power steering
  • Electric Brake Force Electromechanical 4-wheel anti-lock disc brake with distribution function
  • 18-inch aero, or 19-inch sports, or 20-inch performance wheels (many tire options)

Standard accessories

  • 6m mobile connector with storage bag 
  • 120V NEMA 5-15 adapter
  • J1772 Public charging stand adapter


  • Supercharging :Up to 180 miles of range in 15 minutes
  • Home charging :Up to 44 miles of range per hour (48A wall connector)

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