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Toyota’s Production is Expected to Bounce Back in August

COVID-19 has disrupted production for all carmakers out there, but it looks like August may the month where things start to stabilise for Toyota. A recent production report from the company showed that domestic production would come back to their initial estimates. This is down to strong global demand for their new vehicles.

Cars like the Toyota Venza/Harrier and Yaris Cross are definitely enticing vehicles that will spur interest in buyers. And hey, when times are bad, consumers go back to the quality and reliability offered by Toyota.

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In brief, Toyota’s production volume had been down by 40% in June and by 10% in July compared to their initial plans. Production suspension dropped from 133 days equivalent of production days lost in July (across 14 plants), down to 16 days lost in June and 0 days lost predicted in August. More details in the press release below.


Toyota estimates that strong global demand for new vehicles will bring domestic production back to almost the same as the initial plan in August. This recovery trend is expected to continue in the future.


Production volume compared to the initial planAbout the same as the initial plan (Approx. 3 percent decrease)Approx. 10 percent decreaseApprox. 40 percent decrease
Production suspension*1NoneSix production lines at three plants 
Totaling 16 days
25 production lines 
at 14 plants 
Totaling 133 days
Reduction of operations from double shifts to a single shiftOne production line at one plantThree production lines at two plantsFive production lines at three plants
Holiday shift*2Three production lines at two plants 
Totaling 6 days
Four production lines at three plants 
Totaling 13 days
Three production lines at two plants 
Totaling 12 days
*1Count the halt operation at one production line as a day’s production suspension
*2Count the operation at one production line as a day’s holiday shift

Reduction of operation to a single shift for one production line at one plant (Among a total of 28 lines at 15 plants)

PlantPeriod of reduction of operation to a single shiftVehicles produced
Gifu Auto Body Co., Ltd.Production line #2May – October (No second shift)Coaster

Holiday shifts for three production lines at two plants (Among a total of 28 lines at 15 plants)

PlantPeriod of reduction of holiday shiftVehicles produced
Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc.  
Production line #13 days
1 (Sat), 22 (Sat), 29 (Sat)
Production line #22 days
1 (Sat), 22 (Sat)
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. Kyoto Plant1 day
29 (Sat)

Non-operating days in May and June for all domestic plants (totaling 6 days) will be rescheduled starting September.

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