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Can You Believe This Electric Bike is from Indonesia?

As one of the largest motorcycle markets in the world, Indonesia is home to millions of motorcycles of various types. From moped to superbikes to extremely modified scooters, the republic has seen it all. Except perhaps this one – the Katalis EV.1000 TheArsenale Special Edition.

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At first glance, the EV.1000 might seem like a small-capacity kapcai that has been intricately modified to look like one of those steampunk bikes but as the name clearly suggests, this peculiar-looking machine is an electric motorcycle created by Katalis Company, a design studio based in Jakarta.

This special edition model is a product born out of a collaboration between Katalis and TheArsenale, a company founded by Frenchman Patrice Meignan that serves as the marketplace for independent builders in the mobility sector. According to Katalis, it is the newer edition of its predecessor, Katalis EV.500 that was introduced in April this year.

As opposed to the EV.500’s worn out grey shade, the EV.1000 comes with a matte black colour scheme paired with orange highlights for a more youthful look. The body is fabricated out of metal while the overall frame and rear swingarm are made of 6061 aluminium.

The EV.1000’s pulsing heart is a 1,000-watt brushless hub motor that gets its juice from a 48V 45Ah battery. The maker says that it can accelerate up to 80 km/h and has a claimed range of 90 km with one battery charge. Sounds like a perfect mode of transportation if you live in Jakarta or Bandung, where traffic congestion seems to be deteriorating year after year.

Whether or not the EV.1000 TheArsenale Special Edition is available in limited numbers is undisclosed but if you’re interested in getting one, be prepared to shell out $9,999. Pricey? Yes. Worth the money? Probably. Well, at least you will stand out in a sea of two wheelers.

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