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Published on August 7th, 2020 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Bentley Flying Spur Launched For RM1.066M Before Taxes

No big fancy event, no champagne, no Instagram posts, no online influencers present, no motoring media invited and no high society red carpet event like with previous Bentley launches in Malaysia. 

With a database of the wealthy Malaysians already in their hands, Wearnes Quest only needs to invite the necessary high net worth Malaysians to their showrooms to get the order book for this super luxury sedan filled for the first shipment of cars.  

Bentley Flying Spur_Malaysia

This time around, Bentley’s brand guardians in Malaysia, Wearnes Quest Sdn Bhd has quietly brought in this flagship sedan into their Kuala Lumpur showroom and released the much needed information and selling price to the Malaysian media. The new Flying Spur First Edition starts from RM1,066,900 before Malaysian duties and taxes are added on. 

So, why not share the full selling price with duties and taxes paid like with most new cars sold in Malaysia? Well, it is given fact that most super luxury cars in Malaysia (Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, McLaren and even some Porsche’s are sold to Malaysians tax free and they ‘park’ their tax free cars in Langkawi to ‘age’ them to get the tax lowered and only after a number of months they bring their cars back to the mainland and enjoy great savings. Meanwhile the average Malaysian pays full tax for their cars. Good scheme right? 

This Flying Spur is the First Edition model and it is the ultimate luxury Grand Tourer sedan, offering the perfect fusion of performance-orientated agility and exclusive four-door, limousine-style comfort.

Bentley Flying Spur_dashboard
Bentley Flying Spur_rear lights
Bentley Flying Spur_logo
Bentley Flying Spur_first edition badge
Bentley Flying Spur_nose
Bentley Flying Spur_wheels

PRESS RELEASE: Hand-built in Britain, this ultimate luxury Grand Touring sedan has been specifically created to satisfy both driver and passenger alike and to be as desirable to drive as it is to savor in the rear seat.

While it retains Bentley’s unique DNA, the all-new Flying Spur owes only its name to its illustrious predecessors. A quantum leap in performance, comfort and innovation, it has been tailored specifically to the modern luxury customer. The application of advanced technology has brought new levels of performance to every element of the car, offering a truly effortless ownership experience.

“The absolute commitment to excellence has been taken to a different level on this car,” said Peter Guest, Bentley’s Product Line Director – Flying Spur. “Every aspect of its technical solution has pushed our technology and manufacturing ability to the absolute limit. This is, without doubt, the most advanced Bentley ever built. Our customers may have a fleet of motor cars in their garage but the default choice when they can only drive one car is a Bentley – because you have everything you require and more in the new Bentley Flying Spur. It is the ultimate expression of the internal combustion age.”

The all-new Flying Spur has been the most technically challenging car Bentley has ever hand-built. The development team has worked through some 2,000 detailed changes since the first design was specified – everything from the brackets and fixings to the alignment of certain pieces of trim.

The all-new Bentley Flying Spur represents the future of extraordinary. With astounding attention to detail, powerful agility and intelligent and intuitive technology, it is the benchmark by which all other Grand Tourers should be judged.

Bentley Flying Spur_W12 engine
Bentley Flying Spur_dashboard panel
Bentley Flying Spur_rear seat comfort
Bentley Flying Spur_gear shift
Bentley Flying Spur_door panel
Bentley Flying Spur_seat stitch
Bentley Flying Spur_leather seats


In seeking to create the ultimate luxury grand touring sedan, the design team was tasked with coming up with a totally new character for the Flying Spur, one that was much more modern, powerful and elegant. The result is an athletic, all-new design on an entirely new platform.

The new platform allowed Bentley engineers to extend the wheelbase by an impressive 130 mm, moving the front axle further forward. From a design perspective, this increased the so-called ‘Prestige Mass’ – the visible area of sheet metal between the front door shutline and the wheel – bestowing the new model with its unique, more dynamic character.

Based on a modern vision that is unmistakably Bentley, the Flying Spur now has an increased road presence and sleeker, more muscular lines that sweep over the haunches and the full length of the car. These key signature lines define the profile, as the power lines emerge from between the headlamps and then spear on through the doors, where they gently fade out.

The self-confident, sculptured expression of the profile and silhouette is complemented by new 21-inch wheels that are offered as standard, as well as the option of two further 21-inch wheel designs and one unique, 22-inch Mulliner Specification wheel.

Making a bold statement at the front, a retractable Flying B mascot adorns the bonnet for the first time on a modern-day Bentley Flying Spur. In Bentley’s Centenary year, the iconic mascot has been restyled for the next century. Electronically deployed and illuminated, it is linked to the welcome lighting sequence and keyless entry system as the driver approaches the car.

The imposing radiator matrix is finished in gloss black, with bright chrome surround and vertical vanes that hark back to the 1957 Bentley S1 Continental Flying Spur. The lower matrix can be specified in either black or bright chrome.

State-of-the-art LED matrix headlights are standard, allowing the driver to operate on main beam all the time, automatically cutting a hole in the beam around oncoming vehicles to avoid dazzling other drivers. Matrix headlights feature unique, cut crystal effect detailing. A chrome sleeve has been added behind the cut element making them sparkle, even when not lit.

The elegantly proportioned, tapered rear of the Flying Spur has been designed specifically to feature the written ‘Bentley’ script beneath the traditional winged ‘B’ motif. The rear, wrap-around lamps utilise the familiar, Bentley ‘B’ graphic and also display a cut crystal effect. Large, twin chrome tailpipes hint at the power of the W12 TSI engine underneath the hood.

Inspiration for the exterior design has been drawn from fuselage surfacing in aviation. The all-aluminium exterior panels have been crafted with incredibly sharp undercut lines and flowing surfaces, thanks to Bentley’s ‘superforming’ technology, which was originally developed to create muscular fenders.

The rear body-side panel is the largest superformed panel in the automotive industry and involves flat sheets of aluminium heated to more than 500oC, before each part is cut to shape by a high-power laser. The process was first proven on the Bentley Continental GT. The resulting haunch, which is now separated from the power line, gives the car a far more potent stance.

As a result of this lightweight structure, the new Bentley Flying Spur is 38 kg lighter overall than the previous generation model, despite the addition of vastly improved technological features in the car.

Bentley has utilised the latest technologies in aluminium extrusions and castings, alongside high-strength steels for the new Flying Spur, offering best-in-class body stiffness that optimises both handling and rigidity.

Standard paint options for the Flying Spur extend to a class-leading portfolio of 17 Bentley colours, carefully selected to complement the character and lines of the car. Blackline specification is also available as an option, transforming further the look of the new Flying Spur.

Bentley Flying Spur_headlamps
Bentley Flying Spur_logo
Bentley Flying Spur_tail-lamps
Bentley Flying Spur_rear profile
Bentley Flying Spur_steering wheel


The all-new Bentley Flying Spur has been designed as a car both to drive and be driven in. Contemporary and uplifting, the luxurious cabin skilfully combines key elements of Bentley DNA, cutting-edge technology and the finest automotive craftsmanship in the world. It features astounding detail, sculpted surfaces and contemporary lines that will constantly surprise and delight occupants.

“The interior of the Flying Spur is a striking combination of the very latest integrated technology, beautiful materials and design prowess. It is progressive but retains a timeless quality that will still be stylish and appealing for decades to come. With the Flying Spur we have completely reinvented the segment to deliver a car that represents the future of luxury Grand Touring,” said Brett Boydell, Head of Interior Design for the all-new Bentley Flying Spur.


Immediately differentiating the Flying Spur from its 2-door stablemate, the new wing-themed fascia wraps around the occupants and into the doors to give a spacious and intimate feeling. The interior design lines connect the front and rear passenger areas to create a completely integrated style.

The elegant, floating centre console houses a customisable 12.3-inch HD touchscreen and the centrepiece of the Flying Spur’s dashboard – totally new ‘sculptural’ centre vents. Here, the traditional, round ‘bullseye’ vents have been replaced with new shaped, precision detailed vents, either side of the Bentley clock. They are available in two finishes, polished and diamond-knurled.

Diamond knurling also adorns the rotary switches and is also available on the air vents and clock, the latter featuring fine bronze detailing. The unique facet knurling process available involves 5,331 individual diamond shapes cut into the surfaces of the centre vent panel alone, which is then translated to the B-pillar and rear vents. In order to produce this decorative detail, a new software algorithm and manufacturing process had to be invented with work with the complex curves of the ducts.

Below the central housing is a stowage area, as well as inductive wireless charging and two USB sockets.

Bentley Flying Spur_driving shot
Bentley Flying Spur_moving shot
Bentley Flying Spur_highway

The Bentley Rotating Display, an industry first when launched in the Continental GT coupe, is also available in the Bentley Flying Spur. When the engine start button is pressed, the veneer section in the middle of the dashboard rotates to reveal a 12.3-inch touchscreen. This displays three, customisable digital tiles, which for the first time show information selected by the driver, from outside temperature to a compass or navigation.

The second side of the display reveals three elegant analogue dials, while a complete digital ‘detox’ can be selected on the third side, simply displaying a seamless wood veneer fascia that continues around the cabin. For the Flying Spur, this can now be selected, even when the car is being driven.

Emphasising the spacious width of the cabin, sweeping horizontal veneer flows across the dashboard and into the doors, with eight single and seven dual luxury veneers to choose from. Crown Cut Walnut is offered as a new wood veneer option, using a straight cut process to provide a more modern finish. As well as the popular Dark Fiddleback and Piano Black options, a range of five further veneers are available. Dual veneer finish can also be specified in all veneer types to add an even more bespoke feel to the cabin.

The wing-theme graphic emanating from the fascia continues around the interior of the cabin doors, creating an elegant colour split and seamless link between the front and rear seats. Mood lighting is available as an option with up to seven different colours and varying intensities offered.

A first for any car, and inspired by the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 design concept, the all-new Flying Spur offers three-dimensional diamond quilted leather inserts in the doors and rear quarter panels. 

Both front and rear seats have been totally redesigned for the Flying Spur, from the style and functionality to the size and patterning. In the front, the all-new seats feature a twin-flute design, while the cosseted, luxury rear environment is enhanced by new, supremely comfortable straight flute seats. With the Mulliner Driving Specification option, both front and rear seats feature lofted, diamond leather quilting, combined with traditional stitching and embroidery work, with three-dimensional quilting extended to the doors.

A full-length, double sunroof can also be specified. The twin glass panels feature a tilt and slide function to the front opening and are made from polarised glass that reduces glare. Alcantara blinds deploy electrically from the centre roof bow and are colour-matched to all 15 headlining colours. The sunroof allows light to flood into the Bentley Flying Spur’s cabin, accentuating the open, roomy nature of the interior and the cosseting rear seating environment.


The new Flying Spur is powered by Bentley’s renowned W12 twin-turbocharged TSI engine, already proven in the award-winning Continental GT. The enhanced 6.0-litre unit sets the benchmark in performance, agility and dynamism for the luxury Grand Tourer segment. Created for smooth, exhilarating driving, it has been developed and hand-built in Crewe, England.

The most advanced, 12-cylinder engine in the world, the unique ‘W’ configuration means that the engine is 24 per cent shorter than an equivalent V12, benefitting weight distribution and maximising cabin space. The powertrain is the beating heart of the Bentley Flying Spur and uses the very latest engine management technology.

The result is notably improved performance when compared to the previous generation model. The Flying Spur accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds (100 km/h in 3.8 seconds), and on to a top speed of 207 mph (333 km/h).

With twin turbochargers, the new engine is 15 per cent more efficient than the previous generation 12-cylinder unit. Variable displacement from 12 to six cylinders when suited to driving conditions dramatically improves fuel consumption. 


The new Flying Spur uses the same 8-speed ZF dual-clutch transmission as the Continental GT, for smooth and refined acceleration, quicker gearshifts and improved fuel economy. For optimum performance in the four-door, the innovative software system has been significantly re-calibrated to deliver really smooth driving behaviour, especially at very low speeds.

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