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Published on September 11th, 2020 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Is There Too Much Distraction Inside Your Car Cabin Today

Are drivers getting too distracted by mood lighting and flat screens

There are more layers of complexity and information at a new car drivers’ fingertips today then what is actually needed. As car manufacturers race to outdo each other with every new model launch, design, engineering and most importantly reliability has taken a back seat to cabin dazzle.

This all new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a great example of over the top dazzle that we are trying to explain. It may look great at showroom level and have everything you need as a corporate tycoon, but you would initially be dazzled by all this technology and be quick to buy this luxury sedan thinking what the salesperson explained to you makes great sense. 

However, after a few weeks in your dazzling cabin which is equipped with 4-6 touch screens, you will soon only be using only your smart phone and none of the other dazzling new features. 

Your decision to purchase this new S-Class should be prestige, comfort and quality engineering which will already be included, but it’s the cabin dazzle that attracts the attention at showroom level. 

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Questions that need a reaction from you. 

Have car manufacturers actually made new cabin technology easier to use? 

Have they reduced the distraction in cabins? 

Have they thought about how it affects people who are OCD? 

Have they taken into account the effect on drivers with poor vision? 

How many screen do you actually need? 

The race to add new technology to cars is causing increased un-reliability?

When was the last time you used the ‘voice’ command system like “Hi Proton” without any issue?

Is there any governing body that is evaluating the long term effects? 

When was the last time you used the in-car navigation system that you paid for? You are probably using your smartphoneWaze or Google maps all the time. 

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When will it end? Why not just have a universal ‘pod’ to attach your current smart phone and let it do all the necessary functions like calls, text messages, voice messaging, navigation, music playlist and more?

So, car manufacturers working with road transport authorities have been saying for years that new cars need to be connected in all ways and means to give drivers less distraction and have their smart phones connected to the cabin system to allow drivers to continue their journey without any mishap. This is why your new car cabin is getting more technology heavy.

But it does not happen as often as we think.

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Added Accidents

You have seen it a million times, drivers spending more time looking down rather than looking up. If they were in the lane next to you, they probably drifted closer and closer until you honked at them to avoid what would have been a sideswipe. 

A large number of road accidents are caused by such distractions, especially among younger drivers (teens and twenties). Despite the increases in fines and penalties, there are still many drivers and even worse, motorcyclists who drive and ride while texting or trying to read messages. 

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Added Stress

Some of this new technology which is supposed to make driving easier is not doing its job at all. Take the driver who is useless at parking their car. They buy a car that has ‘park assist’ and it takes a long time to align itself in the right angle to self park. Meanwhile there is a line of cars waiting for you to park. If you can’t park your car, then do not drive. Simple. It comes hand in hand. 

To make it worse, the drivers behind you waiting are honking at you. All of these scenarios are examples of the stress that technology can bring, while driving your car. 

It is time to take stock of actually what is needed in a car cabin because with new cars you are paying for technology that you mostly can’t use or end up not using and when it fails at some point you have to pay a hefty price to get it repaired or replaced as it is all connected to your car’s brain.

2021 Mercedes-S-Class Cabin

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