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Published on February 9th, 2021 | by Subhash Nair


Lotus Reveals FINAL Editions Of Elise and Exige Models

After more than 2 decades, Hethel says goodbye to the Elise and Exige.

When I first started my obsession with cars, one of the first car brands that was on my radar was Lotus. As my interest in cars grew, I witnessed the company grow its portfolio to include ‘new’ and ‘exciting’ models like the Elise and Exige. Today, the brand has shifted into a new phase of its life under Geely ownership. In many ways, this is the best thing to happen to the Lotus brand. Things can only get better for them. But on the flip side, this also means the end of legacy models like the Elise and Exige. Today, the company has announced the ‘Final Editions’ of two of the last conventionally-powered, lightweight British sports cars in series production.

Later this year, Lotus will undoubtedly celebrate the last year of production for the Evora in a similar style. The legacy of these outgoing models cannot be overstated. The first Lotus production car was released in 1948. That was more than 70 years ago. In just over 20 years, the Elise, Exige and Evora have accounted for more than half of all Lotus cars ever built.


There are five Final Edition models being offered and they all come with more than the standard equipment one would expect. They’re also a little more powerful than the standard editions of each model. As you’d expect, they’re only being built in limited quantities, but they represent 2 decades of R&D and experience that Lotus has spent on the Exige and Elise models.

New Features on Elise and Exige Final Edition Models

  • new TFT digital dashboard with either conventional dials or race style
  • new flat base steering wheel wrapped in leather and Alcantara
  • new seat trim and stitch patterns
  • “Final Edition” plaques

Lotus Elise Final Edition Models

  1. Elise Sport 240 – £45,500
    (standard: 240bhp, 244Nm torque, 16″ and 17″ 10-spoke Anthracite lightweight forged alloy wheels, Yokohama V105 tyres, optional: carbon fibre panels, Li-ion battery, polycarbonate rear window)
  2. Elise Cup 250 – £50,900
    (standard: aero-optimised components that produce additional downforce, 16″ and 17″ 10-spoke Diamond Cut ultra-lightweight M Sport forged wheels, Yokohama A052 tyres, Bilstein sports dampers, adjustable anti-roll bars, Li-ion battery, polycarbonate rear window, optional: carbon fibre panels)

New colour selection including:

Azure Blue, Black and Racing Green

Lotus Exige Final Edition Models

  1. Exige Sport 390 – £64,000
    (standard: 397bhp, 420Nm torque, 17″ and 18″ 10-spoke silver lightweight forged alloy wheels, Michelin PS4 tyres)
  2. Exige Sport 420 – £79,900
    (standard: 420bhp, 427Nm torque, 17″ and 18″ 10-spoke Anthracite lightweight forged alloy wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres, front and rear Eibach anti-roll bars, adjustable Nitron dampers, AP Racing brakes)
  3. Exige Sport 430 – £100,600
    (standard: 430bhp, 440Nm torque, 17″ and 18″ 10-spoke Diamond Cut ultra-lightweight forged alloy wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres, carbon-fibre body panels and parts, enlarged intakes, revised steering arm geometry, Nitron adjustable dampers, front and rear Eibach adjustable anti-roll bars, AP Racing brakes, high-flow titanium exhaust system, controllable traction control programme

New colour selection including:

Metallic White, Metallic Orange

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