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Lamborghini Huracan EVO Fluo Capsule Showcased In Shanghai

Lamborghini paints the town matte green with a V10 supercar

Apart from the Essenza SCV12 and Huracan STO, the ongoing Shanghai Auto Show 2021 also saw the presence of a matte Verde Shock Huracan EVO Fluo Capsule. It was the first time the supercar appeared in the Asia Pacific region. Strangely enough, however, no pictures of the show car were shared.

Introduced for the first time in November 2020, the Huracan EVO Fluo Capsule is a purely cosmetics special edition model based on the Huracan EVO. It can be had in four other colours, namely Arancio Livrea (orange), Celeste Fedra (blue), Arancio Dac (orange) and Giallo Clarus (yellow). Matte black details and coloured accent lines complete the edition’s vibrant look.

In addition, the Urus also made its appearance at the motor show. The display car is decked in matt Bianco Monocerus exterior colour, with 23-inch Taigete rims in shiny black to match.

According to the Italian supercar manufacturer, its super SUV recently set the 1,000-meter record, at 114 km/h average speed from a standing start on the ice of Lake Baikal. It also reached a top speed of 298 km/h during the speed run.

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In the exclusive Ad Personam room at the Lamborghini stand, the Huracán EVO Fluo Capsule was premiered for the first time in Asia Pacific. Launched in November 2020, the Huracán EVO Fluo Capsule is a daring yet elegant collection of bright and bold colours for the V10 super sports car, realized in a matte paint exterior with complementary interior colour and trim options.

The Huracán EVO was presented in matte Verde Shock (green) colour that enhances its inimitable lines and shape. In addition to the show car’s colour scheme, another four exterior and interior configurations in Arancio Livrea (orange), Celeste Fedra (blue), Arancio Dac (orange) and Giallo Clarus (yellow), combined with matte black details and coloured accent lines, are available in the Capsule, bringing an additional layer of variety and personalization to the already near-infinite possibilities that the Ad Personam program offers.

Lamborghini Urus joined the unprecedented line-up

A Urus in matt Bianco Monocerus also joined the line-up at the Lamborghini stand, creating a complete portrait of the Italian company’s unparalleled product profiles and its adventurous lifestyle. The Super SUV on display featured optional 23” Shiny Black Taigete rims, referencing the marque’s sportive spirit and exclusive luxury. Red callipers, available as an option, added another sense of performance to this super sports car in SUV form. In March, in the Days of Speed on the ice of Lake Baikal, a Lamborghini Urus powered through extreme challenge to set the 1,000-meter record, at 114 km/h average speed from a standing start. The maximum recorded speed of the Urus during the record-breaking sprint was an impressive 298 km/h. Setting the benchmark for power, performance and driving dynamics as well as unparalleled design, luxury and daily usability, the Urus has been an immediate customer favourite since its arrival in the market. It continues to deliver a dynamism that is enjoyed by both the driver and passengers.

The Lamborghini stand at 2021 Shanghai Auto Show was completed by an area dedicated to the Lamborghini Brand Extension, displaying Collezione Automobili Lamborghini products inspired by the brand’s unmistakable design DNA. The branded clothing lines, fine accessories and multiple co-branded projects were displayed in a space featuring Lamborghini’s iconic brand design elements.

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