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Published on May 8th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Which Vehicle Provides The Best Rear Seat Comfort

Or is the badge and branding more important over comfort for buyers.

The very rich Malaysian rarely drives. They like to be chauffeur driven. It makes sense as there are parking issues and traffic jams which can be stressful. With a chauffeur, you always get into a nice cool cabin with the climate control running.

third row seat comfort
We are not talking about third row seating!

Now, even the above middle class Malaysian will splurge on a chauffeur when they can afford it as it is also a status symbol and the cost of an average Malaysian chauffeur is not that high (RM2,000 to RM4,000) depending on experience and hours of work. Professional chauffeur’s who work for Malaysian tycoons can earn as much as RM9,000 a month and with overtime….it gets better. 

third row seat comfort
Third row seats will never be able to match middle row comfort!

Now, in this article we want to share some of the best rear seat possibilities you can buy, but let’s face it, in Malaysia it is all about the badge and branding and not about the real on road comfort.

With the opportunity to test drive dozens of new vehicles every year and we do get into the rear seat to experience space, comfort and rear seat enjoyment and so we would like to offer some options beyond badge and branding. 

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021

Let’s start alphabetically. 

The Audi A8. This is very handsome looking sedan that offers plenty of perks for rear passengers and lots of legroom. There are also a 22-way rear comfort seats with five different massage functions.

Audi A8 rear seat

The BMW 7 Series takes passenger comfort to all new levels with its Luxury Seating Comfort and Rear Executive Lounge Seating packages. 

BMW 7-Series rear seat

The Bentley Mulsanne ‘Extended Wheelbase’ adds nearly 10 inches of rear legroom and better walk in height due to its rather upright stance. There is a wide array of customizable luxury finishes for rear passengers.

Bentley Mulsanne

The Jaguar XJ-L is starting to show its age, but it still is the preferred vehicle for the Prime Minister of England and also the Queen of England on occasion. This long-wheelbase edition provides approximately 5 inches of extra legroom as well as individual reclining seats with massage programs, fold-out tables with leather surfaces, and electric window blinds.

Jaguar XJ-L rear seat

The Lexus LS sedan boasts 36.7 inches of legroom and a number of upscale packages to transform the driver’s car into a passenger’s car. The Ultra Luxury Package features a four-zone “Climate Concierge,” power sun shades, and electronically adjustable seats.

Lexus LS_rear seat

The Mercedes-Maybach transforms the S-Class into an ultra-luxury chauffeur car. The nearly 8 inches of extra space over the standard S-Class goes directly to rear passengers, so there’s plenty of room to recline and the maximum backrest angle of 43.5 degrees makes it the best in the luxury segment. With calf support, heel rest, and six different massage programs in the Nappa leather seats, passengers are guaranteed a comfortable ride.

Maybach rear seat comfort
Maybach rear seat comfort_brown
Maybach rear seat comfort_beige
Maybach rear seat comfort_white
Maybach rear seat comfort_grey

Then there is the 8th generation Rolls-Royce Phantom which allows passengers to enter the rear seat via high and wide coach doors that open from the center of the car, and customers have a choice of either lounge seats or individual seats, which are separated by a center console that can house custom components like a drink cabinet. The promised signature Rolls-Royce “magic carpet” smooth ride remains as always.

The British royals, including the Queen of England sometimes gets chauffeured in a Range Rover and the top-of-the-line Range Rover SV Autobiography is the most luxurious choice in the brand’s lineup for rear-seat passengers. The massage seats are upholstered in semi-aniline leathers from an organic tannery and can recline as far as 17 degrees.

Well, the real winner, if there was a competition, is the mighty Toyota Alphard or Vellfire. Yes, this Toyota luxury people mover has been and continues to provide the best rear seat comfort. Starting with its walk in height, captain middle row seats that offer on flight first class cabin seating comfort with full power assisted reclining and power window blinds for privacy. It only lacks badge branding and this is why Toyota has decided to allow its luxury can division, Lexus to release a super luxury version of the Alphard, the Lexus LM

Lexus LM rear seat comfort

The Alphard’s three-row layout designed to carry up to eight people was ditched in favor of a four-seat configuration for enhanced comfort. All that space behind the front seats houses only a pair of captain chairs and features worthy of a full-size luxury sedan.

The power-operated, reclining seats will enable you to travel in comfort or even take a nap in the LM, while the infotainment system provides access to a range of modern apps and functions. What’s more, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on a 26-inch display. Lexus also included an umbrella bin, a feature only found in high-end cars from Rolls-Royce and Bentley, a chiller compartment for drinks, and a premium audio system from Mark Levinson. The cabin is rounded off by fine perforated leather with contrast stitching and authentic wood trim.

Rear seat comfort

The final decision belongs to you as you are the best judge of your own personal comfort. 

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