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Published on June 7th, 2021 | by Subhash Nair


Ferrari SF90 Spider Now Available Through Naza Italia

The Ferrari SF90 Spider, the company’s first PHEV drop top is now in Malaysia.

The Ferrari portfolio in Malaysia has expanded once again over the weekend. Naza Italia has added the SF90 Spider to the stable – the first ever plug-in hybrid spider model from the brand. It is priced at RM2,088,000 before duties, customisation options, taxes and insurance. It comes with a 7-year genuine maintenance programme.

The highlight of the SF90 Spider is, of course, the retractable hard top. Ferrari went for a retractable hard top as it provides better noise insulation and protection from weather when raised. It’s also better aerodynamically, as it does not deform at high speed. The top is made of aluminium and takes up just 100 litres.

Ferrari SF90 Spider cover photo

The Ferrari SF90 Spider is powered by the same hybrid powertrain as the SF90 Stradale. It combines the most powerful V8 engine ever built by Ferrari (769 horsepower) with two electric motors in front and one in the rear.

The front motors are Cornering Angle Regulator, Electric (RAC-e) systems while the rear motor is a Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic (MGUK) system, which comes from Ferrari’s Formula 1 innovations. The gearbox is an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) with an E-diff. The total system output is 986 horsepower.

Ferrari SF90 Spider Engine

Because of this complex hybrid system, the SF90 Spider can be driven in 3 ways:

  • Electric mode, entrusted to front axle (FWD mode)
  • Hybrid mode, entrusted to the ICE and the MGUK (RWD configuration)
  • 4WD hybrid mode, with electric front axle available on-demand for traction requirements exiting corners and energy recovery in lift-off/ braking

Here’s how the hybrid system manages its energy recovery.

  • Regenerative braking, available on both axles both under standard braking and when ABS is active
  • Overbraking, active on both axles when the accelerator pedal is lifted, managed independently on right and left front wheels
  • ICE recharge: battery-charging function achieved by load point shifting between the ICE and the rear MGUK electric motor.

The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 7.9 kWh, which allows for 25km of in-city driving with the petrol motor completely off. On pure electricity, the SF90 Spider can move up to 135km/h. This is all done in e-Drive mode.

In Hybrid Mode, the SF90’s powertrain is at its most efficient, turning the engine on when it makes more sense to use than pure electric mobility.

In Performance Mode, the petrol V8 is always left on to keep the batteries charged up enough to deliver instant torque on demand.

In Qualify Mode, the system allows the electric motors to be pushed their absolute output limit – it may not deliver as consistent performance as Performance Mode, though.

SF90 Stradale Official Video


Naza Italia, Official Importer and Distributor of the Ferrari brand in Malaysia, has introduced the spider version of the SF90 Stradale, the SF90 Spider. Ferrari’s first retractable hard top hybrid was unveiled to Malaysians in a digital debut.

As the Prancing Horse’s first production plug-in hybrid spider, the SF90 Spider sets new performance and innovation benchmarks not only for the marque’s range, but for the entire sports car sector. The new convertible has the same extreme supercar specification and record-breaking performance as the SF90 Stradale yet also adds greater driving pleasure and versatility to the mix, thanks to latest iteration of Ferrari’s signature retractable hard top architecture. This makes the SF90 Spider the ideal car for owners that demand the very pinnacle of Ferrari technology, but still want the thrill of open-top driving.

The retractable hard top (RHT) was again adopted because it guarantees optimal noise insulation and protection from the elements when raised, does not deform at high speeds and provides exceptional occupant space and comfort. The RHT is so compact, simple and light it can be actioned in just 14 seconds and can be deployed when the car is on the move. The key to the success of the Ferrari RHT, which premiered on the 458 Spider in 2011, and which has been constantly evolved in the intervening years, is that it takes up just 100 litres of space rather than the 150-200 litres required by a traditional system. The use of aluminium in its construction also means that it is around 40 kg lighter than a conventional retractable hard top. An adjustable electric rear window guarantees superb occupant comfort even at high speeds when the RHT is lowered.

As is the case with the SF90 Stradale, the SF90 Spider is also available with an additional specification option for owners that want to push its track car vocation to the extreme. The Assetto Fiorano pack includes a list of exclusive upgrades that set it apart from the standard car, not least Multimatic shock absorbers derived from the Ferrari’s GT racing experience and optimised for track use. Others include the adoption of high-performance materials (such as carbon-fibre and titanium) that have shaved 21 kg off the car’s weight, a carbon-fibre rear spoiler and road-homologated Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres designed to improve track performance in the dry, thanks to a softer compound and fewer grooves. Lastly, the Assetto Fiorano offers an optional two-tone livery that further underscores the car’s racing vocation.

The Ferrari SF90 Spider is available from the base price of RM 2,088,000 (before duties, customization options, taxes and insurance). For further details, contact the Ferrari Malaysia Showroom.


Ferrari’s unparalleled quality standards and increasing focus on client service underpin the extended seven-year maintenance programme
offered with the SF90 Spider. Available across the entire range, the programme covers all regular maintenance for the first seven years of the car’s life.

This scheduled maintenance programme for Ferraris is an exclusive service that allows clients the certainty that their car is being kept at peak performance and safety over the years. This very special service is also available to owners of pre-owned Ferraris.

Regular maintenance (at intervals of either 20,000 km or once a year with no mileage restrictions), original spares and meticulous checks by staff trained directly at the Ferrari Training Centre in Maranello using the most modern diagnostic tools are just some of the advantages of the Genuine Maintenance Programme. The service is available on all markets worldwide and from all Dealerships on the Official Dealership Network.

The Genuine Maintenance Programme further extends the wide range of after-sales services offered by Ferrari to meet the needs of clients wishing to preserve the performance and excellence that are the signatures of all cars built in Maranello.

The Ferrari SF90 Spider is available from the base price of RM 2,088,000 (before duties, customization options, taxes and insurance). For
further details, contact the Ferrari Malaysia Showroom.

Images, videos and information can be viewed on the dedicated website: More exciting information about Ferrari Malaysia may be obtained from the official Facebook page:

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