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Published on June 9th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Mask Up Daily Will Keep COVID-19 Wary

Look for a high quality face mask that is easy to use and reuse.

Malaysians have faced cases exceeding 5,000 per day and the fear of catching COVID-19 seems higher than ever. With MKN recommending double-masking – wearing of the 3 ply disposable masks with a cloth mask over it, even breathing freely seems like a luxury now.

Affecting the business community in Malaysia and also around the world in the worst possible way, to flatten the curve each and every one of us should be responsible in wearing a mask, keeping clean and staying safe for the business community to be able to reopen and revive the economy.

PRESS RELEASE: What if we could provide you with a reusable fabric mask with filtration levels matching N95 masks yet offering a high level of breathability? Look no further, because we at maSKMY have you covered. Yes, even we at are using this high quality mask (our staff and family also).

Mask Up Daily Will Keep COVID-19

Assembled in Malaysia with the patented AIRWELL face mask filter from South Korea, maSKMY provides washable fabric masks with a 4-layer microfiber filter element. Three of those layers are rayon and polypropylene, followed by the contact layer of antibacterial cotton polyester. The AIRWELL filter effectively blocks particles and droplets that may carry COVID-19 from entering the nasal or oral cavity. Our masks and filter have passed stringent South Korean and European tests:

  • Eurofins BFE (Bacteria Filtration Efficiency) of 97% (EN14683 : 2019)
  • Eurofins Breathability of 10 Pa/cm2 (EN14683 : 2019)
  • KATRI (Korea) Anti Allergen Fabric Test
  • FITI (Korea) PFE (Particulate Filtration Efficiency) of  more than 98%

Our masks also have a unique and stretchable design that is especially suitable for our Hijab and Turban-wearing brothers and sisters. A string is incorporated to the ear loops, which allows the user to fasten it around their head or neck for a secure yet comfortable fit, prompting some users to call it the ‘ninja mask’. Usage of  microfiber that’s anti-allergen and quick to dry, helps reduce ‘mask acne’ which has become another issue, especially among adolescents, due to our humid weather.

Mask Up Daily Will Keep COVID-19

Recent studies have shown that the virus can survive on disposable 3ply face masks for up to 7 days, but can be killed by household disinfectants and soap. This is because the COVID-19 virus is made up of RNA and proteins that are surrounded by a protective fatty layer that is easily broken up by soap. With this information in mind, we highly recommend that you wash your maSKMY mask daily. Do not worry about wearing it out, as our masks last for over 2 months! Plus, the reusability of our masks make it both eco-friendly and cost-effective. 

maSKMY is currently supplying our masks to several corporations with their individual logos and themes. Corporate and OEM orders are welcome should your organization be interested; please do contact [email protected] for further details. With all these qualifications under our belt, we hope that our masks will help protect you and your loved ones against the menace that is COVID-19. 

Join us in this fight by getting your very own maSKMY at a promotional price of RM15.90 from Shopee now at:

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