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Siemens SICHARGE D Fast Charger Launched In Asia Pacific

The public fast charger has an efficiency of 96 percent and a scalable charging power up to 300 kW

As electric vehicles become more well-received in the Asian Pacific region, the demand for public charging stations is also rising. Seeing this opportunity, Siemens has launched its own public fast charging facility known as SICHARGE D.

According to the company, the SICHARGE D is one of the most efficient chargers on the market, boasting a constant efficiency of above 95.5 percent and a peak efficiency of 96 percent. This results in reduced operational costs for both the service providers and EV owners.

What’s more, the charging power is scalable from 160 kW up to 300 kW, either from the start or through plug-and-play upgrades. The charger also supports voltages of up to 1,000 volts and currents of up to 1,000 amperes across its DC outlets.

Its modular nature means the SICHARGE D is capable of charging future EVs that might have a higher load capacity. Service providers will also be able to deploy higher-power versions and lower-power versions in accordance with local demand.

Design-wise, the award-winning SICHARGE D charger comes with an integrated 24-inch adjustable display that provides access to the digital menu boards, information kiosks or advertising. While there are two DC ports and an AC outlet as standard, providers may add two more DC ports if needed.

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Siemens has launched SICHARGE D, a new public fast charging and high-powered compact electric vehicle charger (IEC standard) providing one of the highest peak efficiencies on the market. It has scalable charging power and dynamic power sharing. A perfect fit for any cityscape, it is suited for highway and urban charging stations, city parking as well as shopping malls.

“Public fast charging networks are an essential factor in driving a sustainable future in eMobility in Asia Pacific. By ensuring that charging is as effortless and as fast as people need it to be, we’re making electric vehicles a viable option for more people. In addition, the SICHARGE D’s upgradeable and scalable fast charging technologies allows e-charging service providers and electric vehicle users to expand their investments step by step,” said Siddhant Gupta, Head of Future Grid for Siemens in Asia Pacific.

Featuring best-in-class technology, this smart charger is the winner of the world-renowned iF DESIGN Award 2021 in the categories of User Interface (UI) and Service Design. For an improved user experience, an integrated 24-inch adjustable display allows SICHARGE D to be operated barrier-free and opens new opportunities for customers to use this flexible screen for tasks beyond interfacing with the charging process such as digital menu boards, information kiosks or outdoor advertising.

The sleek and compact SICHARGE D has a scalable charging power from 160kW up to 300 kW, either from the start or through plug-and-play upgrades. Furthermore, the charger supports voltages between 150 and 1,000 volts (V) and currents of up to 1,000 amperes (A) across all DC outlets. This enables full power loads for future vehicles as well as the lower voltage charging rates demanded by today’s mainstream vehicles. Additionally, SICHARGE D can be configured with either a CCS2 (Combined Charging System) or a CHAdeMO connector cable with varying capacities of up to 400A or a 500A liquid-cooled system.

With a constant efficiency of above 95.5 percent and a peak efficiency of 96 percent, the new SICHARGE D ensures that almost all the generated electricity reaches the car to be charged. For charging service providers and electric vehicle users, this means reduced operational costs. In addition, the charger allows an easy upgrade of charging power to meet future technological developments: Even if the charging capacities of most electric vehicles are still limited today, they will be able to accept higher charging power in the future and demand higher voltage ranges.

Although the number of electric vehicles is growing, today’s investments in infrastructure are challenging. With SICHARGE D, charging service providers and electric vehicle users will be able to time their investments according to market demands as the option to expand the charger with up to two external dispensers to charge up to five cars in parallel will be possible in the future. The standard configuration will have two DC and one AC outlet housed in a compact design to optimize parking spaces.

The new charger combines all these features with dynamic parallel charging. That means, it accounts for the individual power demand of each connected car and automatically adapts the charging process to the electric vehicle’s battery technology and charging status. This optimizes charging time as the connected cars get the maximum power they need without any additional manual intervention.

To ensure maximum uptime and highest availability of the charger, digital connected services is included in individual service contracts with customers. These services range from preventive and corrective maintenance, remote firmware updates, spare parts, support, and consulting as well as training.

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