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Published on July 17th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


What Happened To The Honda Insight In Malaysia

The last generation Insight sold well and delivered reliable motoring.

First introduced globally in late 1999, the Honda Insight was the first production car to feature the company’s then-new Integrated Motor Assist system (IMA). This model did not arrive in Malaysia.

Then the second-generation model was launched in 2009, but this time as a five-door hatchback that came with a 1.3L fuel-efficient hybrid engine, 5-door hatchback family practicality, top safety ratings for its time and a host of user-friendly features, including the first application of the Honda-exclusive ECO Assist which is a sophisticated fuel efficiency feedback system that uses an adaptive color display to indicate overall driving efficiency.

The Honda Insight launched as the most affordable hybrid car on the market, making cleaner technology available to a whole new audience.

Launched in Malaysia at the KLIMS 2010 event for RM98,000 it was marketed in Malaysia to replace the first Civic Hybrid which did not excite Malaysian Honda buyers. 

Today, after more than 10 years on Malaysia roads, you find Insight owners still happy with their car. Yes, there will be a handful who will complain, like with all other car brands about issues they face and these are just people who failed to look after their cars in the first few years of ownership or were just plain unlucky.

The used car market is filled with single owner units for sale as after 7-10 years of ownership, their Insight has probably no more monthly payments. This allows the first owner to get cash in hand to buy a new car and start a new car loan.

Prices in the used car market range from RM23,000 for a 9-10-year-old Insight to RM29,000 for a 7-year-old Honda Insight with the Honda Modulo body-kit. Remember, this is advertised price and there is room to bargain at least another RM2-3,000. 

Honda Insight Hybrid_used 2012
Honda Insight Hybrid_2013
Honda Insight Hybrid_dashboard 2013

Inspection Points

When buying a used Insight, first start with the service record. It’s a hybrid and in the first few years of ownership there were some silent recalls that should have been looked at. Then there is a famous airbag recall. Check to make sure all done.

After warranty, most owners would have gone to small workshops. You need to check the records. No bills or record of maintenance, then walk away. There are plenty of other cars for sale.

Next, most important, check the hybrid battery health. This you need to go to a Honda service center to check or look for a hybrid battery specialist. There are a few now on Facebook and they can give you a battery system health check report. If the first owner had already changed the hybrid battery and has a bill, then even better and the value of the Insight might be a little higher and you have another 5-7 years of worry free driving.

Finally, check for an abused interior. Most have been family cars and even single adults. Scratched plastics, cracked panels and worn seat and door grab panels should be avoided as it is not easy to find used parts and new parts are pricey.

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021_Lexus NX

Take you time, you will find the unit that ticks all the boxes we mentioned above. 

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