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Published on August 25th, 2021 | by Subhash Nair


Malaysians Can Earn Money With Your Spare Car Via Flux

Do you have a second vehicle lying around? Flux will help you put it to work.

By now, you’ve probably heard of Flux, the Malaysian multi-brand car subscription service. They’ve got a growing customer base with more than 4,000 members and we’ve even tried their service out for ourselves last year. Today, they’re expanding to help Malaysians earn a 2nd income through their spare cars.

Become a Flux Host To Earn

In essence, they’re allowing Malaysians to sign up to become a ‘Flux host’, list their cars for subscription through their platform and start earning a new stream of income.

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Now before you dismiss the idea, consider a few factors.

This isn’t like a rental service. Flux does checks on their potential subscribers to find out what sort of history they’ve had behind the wheel. They also have onboard telematics monitoring to ensure your car is always tracked and driven in a safe manner. They’ve also got an insurance panel that specifically protects subscription-type services by the books.

You just need to sit back while they do all the work of finding you someone to subscribe to, valeting your car to and from the service centre, and banking in your earnings automatically. Here’s an example of how much you could earn based on some of the vehicles they’re taking in:

Why Should You Become a Flux Host?

All Malaysian households have felt the effects of the pandemic on the economy. You may have more than 1 car in your household and find that you can cope with just having 1. Why not let the 2nd or 3rd car ‘work’ for you?

If you’ve lost your job and are having trouble covering basic expenses, you have a very good reason to temporarily let someone else use your car in exchange for cash. Perhaps your office has opted to shift to a work-from-home arrangement and they don’t plan on reopening even when it becomes legal to do so. You still have to pay for regular maintenance and there are also other costs of neglected vehicles to consider. Tyres may develop ‘bald spots’ from sitting too long. Batteries may go flat and need replacing. All the while, your car is depreciating in value.

Here’s the instructions for how to host from the press release.




Reach out to us either via the “Become A Host” portal on or via our Customer Service touchpoints. We will then schedule an appointment to inspect your car and take you through the process, including a detailed explanation of your unique monthly earnings.


Once all the details specific to your car are agreed upon, we photograph and upload your car to our platform. Once your car gets a reservation, Flux will coordinate with you for the most convenient collection date from a location of your choosing by our Concierge.


Rest assured that Flux’s insurance panel specifically protects your car while under our subscription-type service. We do things by the book with established partners so that your car is adequately covered while it is on the road.

Want to know how much your car could help you earn? Contact Flux Customer Service at 03 6411 5611 or [email protected] to get an estimate.

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