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Subaru Owners In Malaysia Now Can Use Subaru Connex

Subaru Connex will let Subaru owners in Malaysia have access to loads of car data from their phones.

Tired of premium brands having all the latest high-end tech? Well, now Subarus have them too! TC Subaru Sdn Bhd just introduced Subaru Connex in Malaysia after two years of testing and research.

Subaru Connex App Cover photo

The Subaru Connex is a device that connects your Subaru vehicle to the internet and adds value to your car and your drive. It’s priced at just RM1,900 and has an accompanying app on iOS and Android. It works on Subaru XV and Subaru Forester models.

Here are some of the things it can do for you.

Subaru Connex protects you and your loved ones

It’s known that Subaru takes safety very seriously. The Connex pushes this safety obsession a step further. When an impact force of 2G or more is detected, the device will register the crash and send the necessary information to a call centre and place a call. The call centre will then speak to the occupants and find out if they require medical or emergency assistance. If required, the call centre will then contact the Malaysia Emergency Response Services (MERS) 999 with the location of the vehicle.

Subaru Connex emergency call function

Let’s say the occupants can’t be contacted by the call centre and it was a particularly severe impact, then the call centre will contact MERS 999 for an ambulance instead.

Help Others with Subaru Connex

Subaru users may also use the device’s SOS service when they witness an accident in order to quickly notify MERS 999 of the accident and its location.

Roadside Assistance

With the Subaru Connex, you get a bCall button, which gives customers access to:

  • Unlimited towing to any authorised Subaru workshop in case of flood, a breakdown or an accident.
  • On-site repair service up to RM300 (labour only) per incident
  • Transport reimbursement in case of an accident repair, up to RM2,000 (at authorised Subaru workshops)
Subaru Connex user interface

Other Useful Features

Location and Anti-Theft Features

The Subaru Connex is also able to notify the owner if the car has been switched on or towed if the car was left with its alarm armed.

Subaru Connex will also display the car’s last parked location if the owner has trouble remembering where it is.

If the car is stolen, owners can contact the call centre through the Subaru Connex app and they’ll work with the police to locate the car and recovery it.

Subaru Connex Location tracking


The owner can also remotely check on the vehicle’s battery voltage any time. And if the car’s battery runs low, the owner will get notified through the accompanying app as well as through an email.

You can also set a service maintenance reminder up so you get a notification via the app to service your Subaru on time.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

Improve The Way The Car Is Driven

The Subaru Connex app will score your driving to incentivize better driving. You even get to review trip information to know where the car has been in case you’re loaning the car out to someone else. And if that’s the case, you can even set a Speed Alert to notify you when the car has been driven beyond a certain speed limit.

Early next year, these metrics will bring even more value to Subaru owners. That’s because Subaru Connex Usage-Based Insurance will be set up, which should give owners lower rates if the data shows that they’re safer drivers.

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