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Another Ulu Yam Crash. Are Motoring Influencers To Blame?

There has been another major traffic incident in Ulu Yam. Why is it getting worse?

You may by now have seen dashcam footage of the 4-vehicle accident that occurred at Jalan Ulu Yam early yesterday morning. In case you haven’t, here it is. Be warned, there are images of injured people lying on the ground after the crash.

What happened on this occasion in Ulu Yam

From the video, we can see that this incident involved at least 4 vehicles, a Mitsubishi Lancer (or possibly a Proton Inspira that had been converted), a Perodua Bezza, a Volkswagen Scirocco, and a small lorry.

The video begins with a modified Perodua Myvi shooting off at high speed after squeezing past some cars. At the 15 second mark, we see a convoy of fast-moving cars overtake the car with the dashcam. A silver Lancer/Inspira convert, a dark Honda Civic, followed by two other vehicles that are involved in the collision that comes later. These are the white and black Mitsubishi Lancer/Inspira and the grey Volkswagen Scirocco.

Around the 26 second mark, we see the Scirocco overtaking on the opposite lane despite there being double white continuous line markings on the road. This marking indicates that drivers are not allowed to overtake. The Scirocco overtakes regardless, passing by a small group of cyclists who are moving in a single file on the side of the road.

Within a few seconds, there’s a cloud of smoke in the distance. The white and black Lancer was illegally overtaking a random Perodua Bezza just before a blind corner. A lorry appears around the corner and the Lancer tucks himself back into his lane, but collides into the Bezza, who in turn collides into the lorry. The Scirocco, which is approaching at breakneck speed slams on the brakes but collides with the debris before it stops. This is what seems to have happened.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

What a mess.

While the two completely reckless and irresponsible drivers in the Scirocco and Lancer escape without any serious injuries, the occupants of the Bezza, who were completely innocent here, were injured. The driver suffered a broken shoulder and leg while his occupants were also unlucky. One of them broke their neck. Even the lorry driver sustained wounds to his leg, according to The Sun.

The blame rests almost entirely in the Lancer driver. He is being investigated under Section 43(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

What Role Does Motoring Media Have In This?

While not directly related, the automotive media also plays a vital role here. It has become normalised to promote dangerous driving on public roads – particularly the Ulu Yam and Genting roads. While some media members have the skills and know-how to drive hard on B-roads, it’s still unwise to do so and we don’t condone it. What’s worse is filming these drives and sharing it with the public. Impressionable, inexperienced drivers will be inspired to copy these acts. A little more responsibility and restraint ought to be displayed.

Promote driving on the track, improving skills in closed courses or parking lots. Don’t drive dangerously on public roads. Keep our roads safe for all the daughters, sons, mothers, and fathers out there just trying to go from point A to B in one piece.

The police should also make their presence on this road felt with more roadblocks.

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