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Castrol Power1 Ultimate Fully Synthetic Lubricants Now In Malaysia

The lubricants are priced from RM55 to RM60.50 for a one-litre pack

Castrol Malaysia has launched a range of fully synthetic engine oils called the Power1 Ultimate for the local market. Formulated in different viscosities for various types of motorcycles including scooters and superbikes, the lubricants are available for purchase at Castrol Bike Point and Castrol’s Official Store in Shopee.

The Power1 Ultimate fully synthetic engine oil benefits from Castrol’s renowned 5-in-1 formula, the highlights of which are as follows:

  • Surprising Acceleration
  • Better Protection
  • Smooth Riding
  • Keeps Engine Cool
  • Enduring Performance

For more on the formula and the price list, do check out the following press release:

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021


Castrol, one of the country’s leading automotive lubricant companies has launched a brand-new line of its fully synthetic engine oil that embodies outstanding performance and endurance with its 5-in-1 formula – the Castrol Power1 Ultimate – a perfect concoction for two-wheeler engines.

The newest member of the Castrol Family, Castrol POWER1 Ultimate Full Synthetic engine oil range is designed to provide superior acceleration and performance for both the motorcycle and its enthusiastic, thrill-seeking riders. The range offers revolutionary flexibility and inclusivity in different viscosities including 5W-40 for scooters, 5W-40 for bikes, and 10W-50 which is specially designed for superbikes.

“The newly introduced engine oil was created not just for the power it provides, but also to keep up with Castrol’s reputation of protecting the heart of the vehicle as well. Our primary goal is to amplify the riding experience for the riders by providing them more power, confidence and acceleration. Motorcycles, just like us, experience fatigue and stress. Without proper care and attention, it could affect its performance and longevity. Castrol Power1 Ultimate goes the extra mile to provide and protect your bike and its engine,” said [name], [designation] of Castrol Malaysia.

The new range has undergone rigorous testing in its development and has been tested under extreme conditions on different parameters. Castrol POWER1 Ultimate’s 5-in-1 formula promises outstanding performance in five key areas:

  • Surprising Acceleration – It is proven to exceed the performance of other leading bike and scooter lubricants as tested on Honda CBR300 and Honda ANC125 engines.
  • Better Protection – It provides 50% better wear protection versus industry limits on bikes and scooters.
  • Smooth Riding – It enables smooth riding over a wide range of engine speeds, ensuring that the clutch engages smoothly and does not slip or judder.
  • Keeps Engine Cool – It keeps the engine cool even in an extreme 12,000 km test, demonstrating brilliant temperature control performance.
  • Enduring Performance – It maintains 95% of its original performance in a 48,000km race track durability test, showcasing enduring performance capabilities.

The Castrol POWER1 Ultimate range will be made available at Castrol Bike Point and Castrol’s Official Store in Shopee ( in new 1-liter packaging with introductory prices as below:

To learn more about this new range of engine oils, visit

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