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Published on October 10th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Stop Making Fun Of Lone Drivers Wearing A Face Mask

You are not being smart and funny when mocking drivers with a face mask on without passengers!

There is now a movement online making fun of lone car drivers wearing a face mask while driving. Yes, they are alone in the car and wearing a face mask. How is this upsetting you? How is this affecting your life? Why is this bothering you? And do you know why they are wearing a mask while driving alone in their car?

So, why are we bringing up this subject? Well, it happened to us just a few days ago. We were test driving a new car and had our camera on in the car cabin to record our evaluation of a brand new car. We were alone in the car and had our face mask on.

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021_Lexus NX

Why? Well if we were to record the test drive video without wearing a face mask, then there will be another group of bored and unimaginative people commenting on why we were not wearing a face mask during a pandemic.

So, at one point of our video shoot we were stuck in a little bumper to bumper traffic and a car next to us with three young adults inside who had their disposable face masks hanging from their ears (which we think makes you look a little silly) started making comments across to us about wearing a face mask while being alone in the car.

We put down our window and told them that we just came from the animal clinic and had a dead pet in our back seat. This shut them up.

face mask

Well, this should not be the way. Let us share some situations why some people drive alone and still wear a face mask.

  1. After filling up with fuel and you realize that you do have sanitizer in your car to clean and sanitize your hands to allow you to remove your face mask.
  2. When you have multiple errands to do in a short time and you just think its easier to leave your face mask on.
  3. When you are a ride hailing driver and at that moment there is no passenger.
  4. When you are an automotive test drive editor doing a video shoot and do not want to anger a certain segment of your audience.
  5. When you have invested in high quality very comfortable face mask and it seems perfectly ok to keep it on for a few hours, what is the harm?

So, stop making fun of them and look at your mask dangling like an earing from one ear before you comment on others.  

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