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Geely’s Leishen Power Is Not The Same As Aurobay

Aurobay was announced earlier this year. Leishen Power has nothing to do with it.

Just last week, Geely unveiled their all-new powertrain brand, “Leishen Power” with the first hybrid powertrain platform under this brand being called “Leishen Hi-X”. But what about Aurobay, the joint-venture powertrain company between Volvo Cars and Geely? Is Leishen Power a product BY Aurobay? We asked a representative from Geely and the answer is no, these two are two completely different things.

Leishen Power logo
Leishen Power logo

What is Aurobay?

Aurobay will be developing and building petrol, diesel and hybrid powertrains for Volvo Cars while the company focuses its own in-house resources to develop electric powertrains. They may also supply other players in the future, like Mercedes-Benz. Geely may benefit from shared technology, but it looks like there are no immediate plans to use Aurobay powertrains in any other Geely car brands besides Volvo Cars.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

What is Leishen Power?

Leishen Power, on the other hand, is Geely Auto Group’s own in-house brand of powertrains. For now, the focus is on hybrid powertrains for the flagship Geely products like the Xing Yue (Tugella) and Xing Rui (Preface). Proton has no immediate plans to rebadge these products, so Malaysians should not get too excited.

Leishen Hi-X Power unit

What Are Leishen Power’s Products?

Leishen Power will focus on building intelligent high-efficiency powertrains.

The core product is called Leishen Hi-X – a modular hybrid powertrain platform for A-segment to C-segment models in Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Range Extend Electric Vehicle applications.

Leishen Power - Geely Powertrain company

Hi-X in Hybrid electric configuration reduced fuel consumption by 40% and has a NEDC rating as low as 3.6L/100km. It can also receive Over-The-Air updates for its entire hybrid powertrain system and has over 20 intelligent driving modes with data-driven learning capabilities. A parallel drive mode allows for extremely efficient power delivery from both the electric and petrol motors and can be engaged from as low as 20km/h. A Catapult start feature improves standing acceleration by 50% and acceleration between 80-120km/h is also improved as the system can release 60% of its reserve power and utilise its 3 gears intelligently.

Leishen Hi-X consists of:

  • DHE1.5 – a 1.5-litre petrol engine
    • supercharged
    • high-pressure direct injection
    • Miller cycle
    • low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation
    • 43.32% thermal efficiency (highest for mass-produced engine)
  • DHT PRO – a 3-speed Dedicated Hybrid Transmission
    • first mass-produced 3-speed hybrid transmission
    • Consists of two electric motors (P1 and P2)
    • Weighs just 120kg
    • Max torque of 4920Nm
    • Torque to weight ratio
  • E-Drive motor
    • maximum power of 475kW
    • 0-100km/h in 3 seconds
    • modular design
    • 800V design
    • 92% oil-cooling efficiency
    • silicon carbide power module

Other Hi-X components are still being developed.

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