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Petronas Launches 2nd Generation iona Fluids For EV

Will they be introduced at the Petronas AutoExpert centres in Malaysia

Needless to say, electric vehicles (EVs) do not require engine oil as they do not have a combustion engine to begin with. However, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of moving parts in an EV and these parts do need some sort of lubrication or coolant to ensure they can continue working optimally.

As such, Petronas Lubricants International (PLI) has recently launched the second generation Petronas iona range of EV fluid solutions at its global R&D centre in Turin, Italy. According to the company, the fluids are designed for friction and wear control in the electric motors and e-axles, on top of thermal management.

The iona range was first launched back in 2019 but Petronas has been working with multiple partners including Imperial College London, FEV Group, IAV and additive companies since 2018, to co-engineer safe, high-performing and dependable fluids specifically for electric powertrains.

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Here’s the press release with more information:


PETRONAS Lubricants International, the global lubricants manufacturing and marketing arm of PETRONAS introduced yet another milestone in fluid technology innovation – the launch of the next generation, PETRONAS iona Electric Vehicle (EV) Fluids solutions at its Global Research & Technology Centre in Turin, Italy today. The launch themed, Accelerating Efficiency, Revolutionising e-mobility is an on-going journey towards the latest technologies and trends in the e-mobility space.

According to the recent Global EV Outlook 2021, the global market for all types of cars was significantly affected by the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. While conventional and overall new car registrations fell, the global electric car sales saw a 70% increase in 2020.

“We believe that e-mobility is expanding at a rapid pace. With this rapid growth, innovative solutions are key to accelerate the move towards e-mobility for a more sustainable future,” said PLI’s Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer, Giuseppe D’Arrigo.

First launched in 2019, PETRONAS iona aims to help accelerate the world towards a zero-carbon future by optimising the energy efficiency, safety and performance of electric vehicles with advanced EV fluid solutions. Since then, developments were made to be at pace with the changes in the EV technology.

The second generation of PETRONAS iona is designed to meet the multiple requirements in the Electric Drive Unit and E-axles including friction and wear control as well as thermal management to maximise the performance, energy efficiency and reliability of high-performance electric vehicles.

This move is in line with PLI’s commitment towards sustainability that was announced in 2018, whereby 75% of its Research and Technology investments would be directed at reducing emissions, towards supporting the larger goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Leading Innovation in E-Fluids Sector

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1 suppliers and developers are looking for thought leaders and expert partners that can deliver the kind of revolutionary thinking, helping them stay one step ahead of rapidly emerging technologies and the competition and accelerate uptake of safe, energy efficient, high-performance electric vehicles.

Following the launch, PLI brought industry-leading experts together and spearheaded its second webinar, PETRONAS EV Fluids Webinar 2021 as part of its commitment to accelerate efficiency and to continue its collective efforts towards a sustainable future. The webinar is a spin-off of the first PETRONAS EV Fluids Symposium PLI hosted in 2019 with the aim to further continue the momentum and discussion surrounding EV fluids in the advancement of the EV industry.

The webinar covered topics ranging from Battery Electric Vehicles Innovations to Developments in Fluid Technology of e-Transmission Systems by experts within PLI as well as spokespersons from the industry.

PLI has been working with a pioneering group of partners – including Imperial College London, FEV Group, IAV and additive companies – since 2018, to co-engineer safe, high-performing and dependable fluids specifically for electric powertrains. Its portfolio of EV fluids tailor-made for customer applications are borne from this collaborative approach.

Commenting on the webinar, Giuseppe D’Arrigo said, “The presentations at the webinar are some of the strides and progress of co-engineered projects among our industry and academic partners. All the sessions are driven by one common goal – sustainability. The webinar is a testament that we have taken another step forward, entering a new leg of our journey towards advancing e-mobility for a greener and sustainable future.”

“With the rise of EV sales and the creation of market opportunities in this segment, we strive to continue working together with our esteemed partners and fellow industry leaders in championing e-mobility through our differentiated Fluid Technology Solutions™. PLI is committed to applying our lubricant technology towards EV fluids and to help customers with the adoption of EV,” added Giuseppe D’Arrigo at the launch yesterday.

In the last decade, the need to prioritise sustainability has become more evident, particularly during the onset of the global pandemic. As such, the move towards e-mobility is a necessary and welcome move for businesses and sectors around the world. The development of the next generation of EV fluids is a testament to PLI’s move towards revolutionising e-mobility for a greener and more sustainable future.

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