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Hyundai Shutting Down Petrol And Diesel Engine Development At Namyang R&D HQ

Hyundai Motor Group appears to be done with developing the internal combustion engine.

If you want hard evidence that the internal combustion engine’s days are numbered, this piece of news is just for you. Apparently, the Hyundai Motor Group has shut down its internal combustion engine development department at the Namyang Research & Development Headquarters. This signals the end of new engine technologies like CVVD from the South Korean auto conglomerate. That includes Genesis (who already committed to 100% electric propulsion), Hyundai, Kia and IONIQ. This may also herald the end, or at least a shift in Hyundai’s motorsport related divisions and their high-performance N sub-brand.

This piece of news from The Korean Car Blog comes following the announcement that the company’s President and Head of Research and Development for the group, Albert Bierman, would be retiring. Despite retiring, Bierman, an ex-BMW executive, would still be sticking around as Executive Technical Advisor for the Hyundai Motor Group based in Europe and would be supporting their development of electrified performance vehicles.

KIA EV6_Electric Vehicle

“It has been a tremendous pleasure and honor for me to work for Hyundai Motor Group and lead our engineering division to become a ‘second-to-none’ R&D center in the entire automotive industry. Now, our vehicles standout apart from the competition in many aspects and embody our strong engineering expertise and commitment,” said Mr. Biermann (65). “Korea will remain as my second home, and all of my colleagues at Hyundai Motor Group will always be considered part of my family. I would like to recognize that our success has always been based on the strong collective spirit of the many talented people at Hyundai and I will value our unique achievements wherever I live.”

Hyundai President R&D Albert Bierman retires

Hyundai Motor Group has also established a Battery Development Centre and will reorganise their R&D Division to focus on developments with regards to electrified powertrains. Amongst the reorganisation strategies is one that unifies Protect Management Team and Integrated Product Development Team for each vehicle to hasten project timelines.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

“Thanks to Albert’s tireless efforts, unwavering dedication and prodigious passion for the company, we have been able to achieve many great accomplishments across our vehicle lineups that it would be impossible to name them all,” said Euisun Chung, Executive Chair of Hyundai Motor Group. “His commitment to delivering the very highest engineering standards has played a key role in our Group becoming one of the top global automotive leaders.”

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