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Published on December 18th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Malaysian Electric Car Sellers NEED Proper Workshop

You need trained people and a very different kind of workshop for an electric car.

It is easy to start a business selling used cars in Malaysia. A small container office, a couple of tents and the required government documents. Buyers buy with warranty, after sales and sometimes even the documents to certify the origin of the used cars have a grey area.

Now, with the business of selling a NEW car, there is high investment in after sales, spare parts, trained personal to look after the car during its warranty period and the ability to undertake any recalls, software updates (with all new cars today) and ensure customers have a comfortable waiting lounge when their cars are being looked at by the certified and trained technicians.

Workshop Maintenance for EV_Tesla

We have been shared information on the arrival of NEW Tesla’s by AP grey used car importers. They are importing new Tesla’s (is it with Tesla factory warranty?) and offering warranty and after sales.

Prices are good as there is no import tax and also no road tax. Sales will BOOM with the many rich Malaysians because this is a new trend (like the iPad and iPhone was) but what about after sales?

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021_Lexus NX
  • Would you buy the latest iPhone without a factory warranty?
  • Would you buy the latest Samsung flip-phone without a factory warranty?
  • Would you buy a high end gaming laptop from ACER without a factory warranty?
  • Would you buy a Rolex Daytona without a certified factory document?
  • Would you buy a Berkin handbag without a boutique warranty?
  • Would you buy a GoPro without a warranty card?

This is why we are asking the question, why is Tesla officially not opening an after sales center in Malaysia when they have an office in Singapore?

Workshop for Tesla cars


An electric motor requires much simpler maintenance than an internal combustion engine. With no friction between any moving parts or exchanges between liquids and gases, it needs neither lubricant nor exhaust.

Maintenance therefore involves far fewer mechanical elements than in a combustion-powered car. In fact, the tires, windshield washer fluid, brake pads and air conditioning filters are the only consumables that require regular changing in an electric car.

However, for working on an electric vehicle, it is very strongly requiring qualified professionals for checks and any repairs. The high voltages and amperage in the traction system (between 400-700 volts) necessitate a safety procedure so that maintenance can be carried out under the best possible conditions.

In Europe for some years now, the law requires that they be certified to work on electrical systems, and the qualification must be renewed annually.

Like traditional cars, EVs have a cooling system, which in this case keeps the battery at optimum temperature regardless of how hard the motor is working or the outside temperature. Most are liquid cooled and require little more than a visual inspection of the fluid levels and topping up if necessary.

So, before you pay for your new or even Tesla, ask for a factory warranty. Please see attached below screenshot images of some of the important pages in the Tesla warranty.

Make sure there is a proper workshop with the correct Tesla approved diagnostic tool to check and update your electric car.

Please note and remember how many plug-in hybrid owners in Malaysia are having issues in recent years with their electric and software components ‘around’ the battery system which has a good warranty. Very few have issues with the battery system.

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