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Published on January 18th, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


What PLUS Had To Say Today Is Hilarious

PLUS welcomes customers’ feedback for service improvement.

In the past 24 hours’ Malaysian social media has been filled with just one very hot topic. PLUS Highway management and the ‘forced’ move towards RFID use with the closure of SmartTag lanes.

A scheme that should have been implemented during a nationwide lockdown to allow Malaysian highway users to adapt to the ‘FORCED’ use of the RFID tag much easier and reduce the congestion and allow for any technical issues to easily resolved without aggravating users, PLUS and Touch & Go (RFID Tag) decided to start the move yesterday, the 17th of January 2022 and caused a massive traffic jam at their toll plazas nationwide.

We were lucky to not be caught in this traffic chaos as we happened to be on our long weekend break. But many Malaysian highway users were caught for hours.

To make the issue worse, PLUS decided to ‘shut down’ their comments section online as the stream of ‘sizzling negative comments’ heated up their website.

PLUS toll plaza management discontinued SmartTag lanes and replaced them with RFID lanes and at Senawang, Skudai and Bandar Seri Putra had drivers waiting for hours to clear the toll plazas.

This morning, PLUS made a statement “Should the tag remain undetectable, a coupon for a full detection diagnostic at the nearest Touch ‘n Go (TnG) fitment center will be provided,”

“If the RFID tag still has detection issues after the test, TnG will replace it for free,” it added.

Then this afternoon, PLUS sent a statement saying that there was an encouraging 10 percent migration rate to RFID.

However, there has been no statement from PLUS apologising or explaining why this move was done on working day (Monday) and even worst, on a day when there were additional drivers, Hindu devotees traveling to celebrate Thaipusam across the many temples in Malaysia.

Petaling Jaya, 18 January 2022: – PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) recorded an encouraging migration rate of 10 percent RFID transactions after its implementation on 15 January 2022 across the entire North-South Expressway over the weekend.

PLUS wishes to thank our customers who have migrated to RFID as their toll payment of choice.

PLUS appreciates the feedback and public’s views on the congestion issue that arose at the toll plazas and are making improvements based on these feedbacks. It has doubled up the teams to assist customers at the toll plazas, as well as improving the visibility of directional signages to increase familiarity of RFID lanes.

Highway customers are advised to ensure proper use of the lanes according to the guidance on the signage provided.

Highway customers who experience detection issues at the RFID lane need not worry as toll personnel will be on hand with a handheld device to scan the RFID tag. Should the tag still remain undetectable, a coupon for a full detection diagnostic at the nearest Touch ‘n Go fitment center will be provided.

If the RFID tag still have detection issues after the test, Touch ‘n Go will replace the RFID tag for free.

Highway customers are welcome to provide feedback via the 1800-88-0000 PLUSLine and PLUS chatbot, P.U.T.R.I via the PLUS App, 24/7.

PLUS is hopeful with the increased RFID migration, which is in line with today’s contactless payment digital lifestyle and use of e-Wallets, will bring about a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience.

For detailed information on the location of the Touch ‘n Go RFID tag installation, highway customers can visit the Touch ‘n Go portal at or download the RFID e-book at PLUS official website, and social media platforms including Twitter PLUSTrafik, PLUS Malaysia Facebook as well as PLUS App.

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