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Peugeot 208 And 2008 Get New Automatic Gearbox Controls

Peugeot redesigns the auto gear selector in its compact cars.

The latest Peugeot 208 and 2008 are fairly new on the market, but there’s always room for a little improvement. Both B-segment vehicles are now available with new automatic gearbox controls. These new controls are said to be more alluring, more ergonomic and easier to use. They replace the protruding gear lever with a more well integrated, low-profile lever in the centre console.

This new selector will be available on all automatic 208 and 2008 models, including those running on electric power. The automatic gearbox itself is unchanged, an EAT8 8-speed conventional automatic sourced from Aisin.

The new selector lever is more modern and minimalist in operation. It puts the vehicle in Reverse, Neutral or Drive, while two buttons are used to activate either Parking or Manual mode (with paddle shifters for sequential shifting). In the electric versions of these cars, the paddle shifters are used to control brake regeneration with a ‘B’ button to activate it.

Here’s the press release to talk you through the operation of this new auto gear selector.


For all engines, electric as well as internal combustion engines with automatic gearboxes, this new control allows the different modes to be selected:

  • Reverse (R), used to engage reverse gear,
  • Neutral (N), places the vehicle in the neutral position,
  • Drive (D), automatically selects the 8 gear ratios according to driving style, road profile and vehicle load.

Two remote buttons complete the functions:

  • Park (P), to put the gearbox in park position,
  • For internal combustion engines, pressing the Manual button (M) allows you to manually select the gear engaged using the paddles located behind the steering wheel. For electric motors, the Brake button (B) activates regenerative braking.

Whichever function is selected (R, N, D, P, M or B), an indicator light comes on to signal its activation. The driver can also count on a reminder of the mode engaged in the instrument cluster.

All the 208 and 2008 versions equipped with this new control feature the electric parking brake, which combines space saving with comfort and peace of mind in everyday driving.

Regenerative braking control on e-208 and e-2008 electric models

On the e-208 and e-2008, the two 100% electric models, the M button (Manual) is replaced by a push B (Brake), which increases energy recovery during deceleration:

  • If B mode is not activatedthe deceleration is moderate when the foot leaves the accelerator pedal; the sensation of deceleration is close to that of a internal combustion engine with an automatic gearbox.
  • Deceleration is increased when “B” is engaged, deceleration is accentuated when releasing the accelerator pedal, energy recovery is also greater.

An evolution in functionality, the Brake mode (B) remains active even after a push on the lever (without stopping the engine): there is no longer any need to engage it again during a restart: it remains active and keeps the driver settings in memory.

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