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Published on April 16th, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Why Some Workshop Service Advisors Will ‘Tai Chi’ You

This is becoming more frequent in many authorized service centers.

We Malaysians pay a lot of money for our cars. Even with the most basic cars, because there is an import tax system and the usual ‘hidden’ middle men who enjoy constant income from our car industry.

Now, with all new cars, a warranty is provided, from a minimal 4 years to even 7 or 8 years for selective brands.

The most common warranty in Malaysia is a 5-year factory warranty and there are some limitations. With some, there is a driven mileage cap and with some others there are conditions that have to be met.

Problem is, almost all new cars buyers will never read their warranty booklet and only when an item fails and the warranty document states that it is NOT covered, will they read and then get upset with the after sales department.

service advisor Tai Chi

Meanwhile, in recent years we have seen many workshop ‘service advisors’ learning the ancient art of ‘Tai Chi’!

This is not the regular Tai Chi. This is the art of ‘conning’ the customer into thinking they will be attended to and their ‘broken down’ car will be looked after at the soonest and they (the service advisor) is looking out ONLY for your vehicle.

With the slightly more un-conventional car owner, they know how to ‘look after’ their workshop service advisor. Passing them a fat little ‘ang pow’ guarantees extra attention and your car ‘actually’ getting serviced and looked after.

It also promises some extra warranty claims even when its no longer allowed. This is usually done at the expense of ‘another’ similar type car where the owner does not slip them an ‘ang pow’ and one that might less friendly.

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021_Lexus NX

Example, (true situation that happened to our relative at a premium car dealership) a luxury car owner who hardly drives his car once went into the authorized workshop for a warranty claim issue. The attending service advisor told him that he had already made a warranty claim on the particular part a few months earlier. An argument ensued and then the outlet manager was called in. A look at the workshop surveillance camera showed that another exact model car with similar color drove in and made a claim on this particular cars chassis number which was executed by the attending workshop service advisor.

It seems that over the years, car manufacturers in Malaysia have lost a lot of money in fraudulent warranty claims and even double claims. The workshop service advisors do not stay long at their jobs and leave before their scam can be discovered.

Meanwhile, honest and hardworking workshop service advisors are given a ‘hard time’ on issues like this.

Today’s service advisors are more like a gate-keepers for you have an enjoyable motoring experience or else you will be having to live with a ‘lemon’ unit.

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