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Ferrari SP48 Unica Is A One-Off Based On The F8 Tributo

The Ferrari SP48 Unica is the latest in the company’s One-Off series of cars.

Ferrari makes some of the most exclusive vehicles on the planet. But within the Prancing Horse’s stable, there exists a range of cars that take exclusivity to a new level – the One-Off series. The latest addition to this series is the Ferrari SP48 Unica, which was built on the Ferrari F8 Tributo.

It still bears the same silhouette as the model it’s based on, but much has changed in terms of design. The headlights have been redesigned and the brake air intakes have been relocated.

The SP48 Unica was styled using ‘procedural-parametric modelling techniques’ and 3D prototyping. This enabled the designers to create a 3D grille that seems carved out of a single solid volume for greater continuity.

Ferrari SP48 rear

The side windows were reduced and the rear screen was eliminated to give the vehicle a unique and masculine look. This also adds to the effect that it was sculpted out of a single block of metal. From the top, the air intakes are seen integrated as part of the carbon fibre engine cover.

Ferrari SP48 from the top

No photos of the interior were shown, but Ferrari says it resembles the F8 Tributo’s, with some differences to the trim and colours. Black laser-perforated Alcantara was developed to be used on the seats and cabin trim. The hexagonal motif of the grille finds its way into the interior’s polished sill covers. Matte carbon

The Ferrari SP48 was commissioned by a long-time Ferrari customer. Here’s the press release with more information.

About Ferrari Special Projects

The Special Projects programme creates unique Ferraris (so-called “One-Offs”) characterised by an exclusive design crafted around the requirements of each individual client to ensure each one becomes the owner of a genuinely one-of-a-kind model. Each project originates from an idea put forward by the client and then developed with a team of designers from Ferrari’s Styling Centre. Having defined the car’s proportion and forms, detailed design blueprints and a styling buck are produced before the construction of the new One-Off begins. The entire process lasts more than a year on average, during which time the client is closely involved in assessing the design and verification phases. The result? A unique Ferrari sporting the Prancing Horse logo and engineered to the same standard of excellence as every car that rolls off the Maranello assembly lines.

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