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Published on May 29th, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Tesla Has An Accident Where Will You Fix It In Malaysia?

There is no authorized Tesla workshop in Malaysia, right?

The current surge in interest for Tesla electric cars in Malaysia is encouraging and it shows that the Malaysian government favors the move towards battery powered vehicles with the generous import tax free incentive and also free road tax incentive that allows wealthy Malaysians to get much better value for the money.

Meanwhile, the government automotive agency, MAAri has not looked at where and how these sleek looking tax free battery powered Tesla’s will be fixed if there is an unwanted accident.

It is a well known fact that road accidents are common in Malaysia, fender benders especially in the heart of the city where there are motorcyclists weaving in and out of traffic between shiny new Tesla’s and other private imported vehicles.

If a Tesla side view mirror or a fender or even a rear light is damaged beyond repair, where will the damaged Tesla owner get spare parts in Malaysia? 

Ah…. There is a Tesla center in Singapore, so no problem getting the replacement parts. However, what about fitment and insurance claims?

Remember, your Tesla is a complicated piece of engineering with lights, side view mirrors and even door panels (we are just mentioning the possible fender bender spare parts) connected to a central computer run by a complicated software system.

Installing the new parts (imported from Singapore) is easy enough, but the wiring and software reboot to the central ‘nervous system’ which is the computer software that controls all the best little features will need a Tesla certified technical center, which is not available in Malaysia.

Even to unlock the Tesla, you use a smart card and tap it at the B-pillar and the flushed door handle ‘pops’ out for you to grab and open the door.

This is not a simple vehicle that can be fixed at your regular workshop. So, all the dozens of new Tesla buyers in Malaysia have not thought about this.

We visited a car importer (AP Holder) recently as a good friend was ‘gung-ho’ to buy and drive a new Tesla (why not, it’s tax free right). When we asked the salesperson about after sales issues, he mentioned a ‘dealer’ warranty was provided (NOT a Tesla factory warranty).

When we asked about software issues or needed upgrades, they said no issue again as Tesla is in Singapore (so if the car cannot be driven, you will need to tow it to Singapore for assistance and this at the Tesla’s owners OWN cost, not dealer cost).

When we asked about small Tesla fender bender accidents where to go. They said Tesla Singapore has the parts and service. So, you will need to ‘low loader’ your Tesla to Singapore (about RM1,200 one way), then pay for your parts and installation in Singapore Dollars (1 Malaysian Ringgit equals 0.31 Singapore Dollar right now).

So, the decision is yours. Have fun and enjoy Tesla motoring in Malaysia. By the way, the Tesla Model Y costs £45,825 excluding local British 20 percent VAT, which is about RM254,000 plus you need to add on delivery and shipping to Malaysian which is estimated at RM15,000 at the most. 

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