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Published on May 8th, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Where To Place Your Handbag In Your Car

Cars today have no place for women to place a handbag. Why?

We have been giving our wife to test drive almost every vehicle we bring home for test drive review. We do this to get a woman’s perspective on a new vehicle and it is sometimes more interesting and reveling than you can imagine (well, if you are a woman reading this then you will totally understand).

So far we have been able to ‘pick up’ a number of interesting points over the years and also realize some issues that never bothered us.

Still, there are different kind of driver attitudes and here is why you can never make everyone happy with a new vehicle.

Large Enough Spot For The Handbag

People buy new cars for many different reasons and here is one that came from a lady recently. We met this lady who works in the Oil and Gas industry and for her, a vehicle is just a mode of transportation. She is only interested in its function and use and NOT badge branding or snob appeal.

We spoke to her trying to understand her needs for a new vehicle and after a discussion realized that there are many new cars could fulfill her needs.

She wanted a car that has sitting a little high of the ground (her height) and she wanted a car that was spacious enough in the rear for elderly parents to sit in comfortably. She did not want a big engine car and she wanted a car with lots of cubby holes and compartments for her day to day belongings.

Handbag in the center

Speed, handling and fuel consumption was not a big issue. Budget was high, but not necessary to be a premium brand. Like we said earlier, function was much more important.

She test drove a few new cars and she was ‘sold’ on one SUV. The current generation Honda CR-V. Why? Well, the biggest selling point was the fact that her handbag could be placed safely right in the center compartment and away from prying eyes.

Plus, there were plenty of compartment space around the vehicle. Rear seating was great for her parents and luggage room was plenty. She was also very happy with quick delivery and the good selling price.

When we mentioned the above to our wife, she totally agreed on the need for handbag space in many cars. Long time ago, cars had large open glove box with no shelves in them.

Today, most glove-boxes can only fit gloves! Plus, they have shelves in them for the service booklet and instruction manual (which nobody reads anymore). So, where do women and also some men (man-bag users) put their handbags?

Well, here we see some pictures where handbags are placed and some put them on the floor or seat next to them which can be dangerous as many women have lost their handbags in traffic jams when robbers on kap-chais come next to the passenger window and do a ‘smash and grab’!

Car manufacturers today have plenty of women working in their design department, so why have they not designed compartments for handbags? Simple, handbags are sold in so many different sizes, some even larger than cabin travel luggage. So, why bother?

So, if you ever wondered why there is NO place to put your handbag in your car, try using a smaller handbag or try a Honda CR-V to see if it fits your hand bag.

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