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Published on May 16th, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Why Is There A 6 Percent Discount For Lawyers, Doctors And Architects And Not Us?

The rest of us are also buying the same car and why we cannot enjoy this double digit discount.

When we were in school, our mother always reminded us and nagged us to have a target of becoming a lawyer, doctor, accountant or architect, nothing else at all. We knew there were many other jobs out there, but she insisted on these four professions. Today we understand why. She wanted us to enjoy the 6 percent discount on a new PREMIUM car.

BMW 7 Series cabin rear seat

For more than a decade there has been a hefty 6 percent discount accorded to lawyers (Bar Council Members), architects (PAM members), accountants and also doctors (Malaysian Medical Association) in Malaysia when they purchase brand new premium cars.

Surprised? Then unfortunately you are not working in the above mentioned professions and this is why you did not know about this 6 percent discount.

However, you might be a successful business owner, a hardworking government employee, a celebrated comedian, a successful novelist, a lifestyle magazine editor, a professional chef or the General Manager of the Fortune 500 company in Malaysia and still you cannot get this ‘secret’ 6 percent discount on a premium European car.

Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse Coupé und Cabriolet; Sondermodell „Night Edition“ Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé and Cabriolet; special model “Night Edition”

Why? Well, in Malaysia it seems that having persons of a ‘certain profession’ driving your car shows added badge branding and gives the rest of us ‘common people’ the motivation to one-day drive that brand and be part of the ‘elite’.

Now, what about the retired person who has worked hard all their life and wants to enjoy a premium vehicle in their retirement years, why is it that they have to pay full price and not get the 6 percent discount that a young doctor, lawyer or architect will get when they walk into the car showroom. Why this discrimination?

Audi A8 L Interior rear seats

Are the premium car brands saying that only car buyers from a certain profession should be entitled to a discount for their vehicles? Are they saying that the ‘money’ paid by a retired person is not good enough? Do they want to see their vehicles driven and enjoyed by all and not just a selected ‘privileged’ few?

We feel that this should be changed and the 6 percent discount be accorded to all car buyers irrespective of their profession or organisation that they work for. OR ….. take away the 6 percent discount and have all buyers pay the listed selling price to prevent any future discrimination.


We are sure in the coming weeks there will be a large number of individuals from the above-mentioned professions getting upset with us as the ‘secret’ of them getting a double digit selling price discount from the favorite brand has been revealed by

Bentley car discount

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