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Would You Buy A Locally Customised BMW 2 Series Limited Edition?

When it comes to BMW, fans will spend hours memorising model nomenclature, internal chassis codes, engine codes, and sometimes even trouble codes. Even a popular and straightforward model like the E36 3 Series has loads of different variants, engines and special editions. But the important thing is that most of them have been commissioned by BMW in Munich. Today we’re getting something very different – a limited edition BMW that’s commissioned not by BMW in Munich. Not even by BMW Malaysia. No this is a special version of the current 218i Gran Coupé that has been commissioned by a local BMW dealer network – Auto Bavaria.

BMW 218i limited edition

Of course, most of you would have heard of Auto Bavaria. They are the largest BMW dealer network in the country. Large enough to sell their own version of the latest 2 Series and to use some internally conjured BMW marketing lingo in their description of the vehicle.

The car is called the Limited Edition BMW 2 Series with M Performance Parts and only 50 units will be available nationwide through Auto Bavaria dealerships. What has Auto Bavaria done? Well, they’ve taken the standard BMW 218i Gran Coupé that is offered at all BMW showrooms in Malaysia and they’ve added the M Performance Parts pack as standard. Here’s what the M Performance Parts pack for the 218i GC comes with and how much BMW Malaysia usually charges for each part:

  • MPA Shadowline Front Grille (RM606.54)
  • Carbon fiber for the left and right exterior mirror caps (RM4,551.82)
  • M Rear Spoiler Primed (RM2,178.97)

They’ve also added BMW LED Door Projectors & M Performance Slides to the package.

To make this a uniquely ‘Auto Bavaria’ package, they’ve also given customers three packages to sweeten the deal.

  1. Aesthetics – comes with an RM3,000 petrol voucher (we’re still waiting on Auto Bavaria’s response if there are any actual cosmetic enhancements in this package)
  2. Signature Sound – comes with a Harmon Kardon sound system for the vehicle as well as a Harmon Kardon Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Best of Both Worlds – combines Aesthetics and Signature Sound packages

All 50 units will also come with free window tint and a Sttoke Reusable Ceramic Cup.

In Peninsula Malaysia, these Limited Edition Auto Bavaria 2 Series models range from RM227,800 to RM233,800. Which isn’t too bad considering the base model without the M Performance Parts costs RM221,817.

Presuming the “Aesthetics” package bundles the M Performance Parts, LED projectors, M Performance Slides and a RM3,000 petrol voucher, you’re actually getting way more than RM10,000 worth of goodies for just RM6,000. We’re not sure how much the Harmon Kardon sound system and bluetooth speaker cost as they’re not listed on BMW Malaysia’s online configurator for the 2 Series. Regardless, these packages represent good value as the M Performance Parts bundled are worth over RM7,000 if individually packaged by the customer.

Our conclusion? This isn’t really a limited edition BMW. You’re not going to be able to tell anyone you have a collector’s item in your garage. All it is is a dealer bundle for the 2 Series and a really good one at that. If the car’s already on your mind, these Auto Bavaria packages are a good deal. Otherwise there are loads of larger, more comfortable and better value options out there.

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